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  1. I think I am having a carry over effect from cops use. I'm 60 years old and I went through the change in my mid 40's. I discovered pheros and this site in April of this year. The OCCOs were one of the first pheros I experimented with and I liked them so much I would often just huff them off my wrist even when I wasn't going to be around anyone. Cops gives me a feeling of wellbeing as though it is something my body actually needs. For the last couple of months I have begun getting hot flashes again and I haven't had those for almost a decade. The only thing new or different as far as I can tell is phero use. Because I have such terrific selfies from cops, I wear them almost everyday. Although, since I have started getting hot flashes again I'm wondering if that is wise. From the posts I've read, I think I am probably significantly older than most of the women here. But I wonder if anybody else has had a similar experience.
  2. Just got my new order in and OCCO Ambrosia is my NEW alltime fav! I can't smell any cheese at all-not even wet! I'm not especially into fruity smells, but this is just delightful! It's rich and luscious without being too sweet. I also got NOCO white amped with Blatant Invitation and I can't help thinking that the Ambrosia would have been an even better cover. Does anybody know if the Ambrosia scent will be available as a NOCO? NOCO would also be good cuz I KNOW I'm going to be tempted to wear way too much of this!
  3. Melon does sounds yummy, cool and summery. And who couldn't use more cops! I'm post menopausal and cops just makes me feel good and happy. I think maybe my body misses it, don't know. But I wear it even when I'm not going to be around anyone. Which brings me to my question, is 10 drops a lot or a little. Compared with OCCO is that more, less or the same?
  4. Thanks StacyK! I don't think I can resist, but I'll stick with cops.
  5. Has anyone tried Perfect Match with SS4W? or is that just too many different things at once? I'm thinking 2 sprays PM + 1 spay SS4W. Any thoughts?
  6. I just tried Perfect Match (unscented, 90/10 spray) for the first time yesterday. I didn't get much of a response at work or if I did it was very subtle. I might have worn too much-5 sprays. I'm new to pheros and tend to slather looking for a noticeable reaction (and yes I've read enough to know more is not better with pheromones). But after work I touched up with 1 more spray and met my brother for dinner. I love him to bits but we are VERY different people. He is very conservative and orthodox and well lets just say I'm not. So sometimes we can get into some really heated discussions. Not this time though. He was complimentary, open minded and conciliatory. He brought up all kinds of warm fuzzy stories from our childhood. And before the evening was over he was even saying he wanted go with me on a camping trip to Bridges National Park so we could get in more quality bonding time! LOL I felt like asking him who he was what did he do with my brother. We make a point of having dinner together at least once a month so we can stay connected. I'll be wearing Perfect Match at all of those dinners from now on.
  7. Ok so after much wailing and gnashing of teeth with the USPS, I finally got my first order! I ripped open the box and there was a whole bunch of free sample perfumes! I especially liked G-String, Love Immortal and Candy Pop (which came as a full size 1/3 oz roll on-THANKS SO MUCH!). But by far the BEST SMELLING thing in the box was Phero Girl. I put a liberal amount on the inside of both wrists and I just couldn't stop smelling it. I was like huffing my wrists! LOL. Awesome smell! I didn't even mind the initial cheesy smell because the honey scent just seemed to harmonize with it. But, I didn't go anywhere I just did some work in my garden and went to bed early. The next day I remembered how much I had liked the smell so I slathered on another liberal amount and headed out to start my errands. First stop was the gas station/convenience store to top off my tank and grab an energy drink. I got a couple of looks on my way in the store but even I thought I looked especially cute that morning and it's been known to happen. As I approached the door, not 1 but 2 men held it open for me-that hasn't happened before. And I look up while trying to decide on which of the 15 flavors of Red Bull to get, and I am literally surrounded by men. I have like 5 guys all seemingly deciding to get a Red Bull at the exact same time as me and 2 or 3 standing WAY too close. Soooo, I hurried up, got back in my car and went home and showered vigorously. Phero Girl is a wonderful scent but clearly not appropriate for all situations. I guess I wasn't expecting such dramatic results. I will get a chance to try it on the latest boyfriend candidate on Friday, but I'm expecting GREAT THINGS!
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