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  1. Curiousnose

    BLUD w/Sexpionage

    Thank you so much PM! Just placed my order now ( with other goodies I've been eyeing)! I was waiting to buy it till after my vacation so when I came back and saw that BLUD sold out, I was super bummed!
  2. Curiousnose

    New Releases for OCTOBER 2017! ~ Boo!

    Oh my!!! Now im really curious as to the ingredients used in blud now haha
  3. Curiousnose

    Lois's Lucky Ladybug

    Initially I didn't like this at first sniff as all I got from this was grass lol, but after a few seconds and a few sniffs later, i can really appreciate it! It's very earthy and soft. Makes me feel like in a really nice and peaceful forest lol. This is something I would love to slather myself in after a nice and relaxing bath as this makes me feel serene. Love it!
  4. Curiousnose

    The Tao of Torre

    Just tried my sample of this today and omg it's smells so good! I literally cannot stop sniffing my hand because it smells so darn good! Smells very refreshing imo I find the lemon really stands out on me which is great as I love the smell of lemon ( and taste too, yum!) I think this would be perfect for when you want to go for a tangy and refreshing type of scent. Omg I'm still sniffing my hand as I type this lol.
  5. Curiousnose

    GypsiMoon's Bohemian Beauty

    I think this has become my favorite scent. I never thought it would steal my heart and my nose but it did. Today I chose it over Lady V's pussycat which I love so much. The perfumerie has turned me into a cocohoenut. I love it. It smells just so darn good on me!
  6. Curiousnose

    New Releases for JUNE 2016! and PEs too!

    These look like they're going to be good! I le wantttt. I'm so behind with everything with my card being gone and my new one not here yet (
  7. Curiousnose

    GypsiMoon's Bohemian Beauty

    Whew! Finally found time to post a mini review on this beauty! At first, I wasn't too fond of the smell and thought it smelled okay, but as soon as I let it sit on my skin just omg. I smell absolutely delectable . It smelled strongly of sweet sandalwood first and then mellowed to the perfect mix of all the ingredients ( Though the chocolate comes out a bit more than the rest which I likeeee) I love it so much now and so happy I took the plunge and bought it! Once again this reaffirms for me that one really needs to let it sit on the skin for a few in order to get an accurate scent!
  8. Curiousnose

    Private Editions for May 2016

    May I reserve an itty set please?
  9. Curiousnose

    LP on Instagram!

    Just followed woop!
  10. I wanted to really like this as all the notes sound so good, but unfortunately, it came out as a bum like smell on me Not cute at all lol I think it was the rose /sigh So sad cause I really wanted to like this, but my body chem was not having it haha.
  11. Curiousnose


    This scent is very sweet and a bit medicinal on me. Very relaxing scent imo!! Not something I would wear out every day, but this is something I would love to lounge around the house in as it's just so chill! Would love if this became a bath oil tbh ^.^
  12. Curiousnose

    New Releases for APRIL 2016! and PE's too!

    Okay Lisa lol! I'd like to reserve one FB of GypsiMoon's Bohemian Beauty. Still trying to figure out what else to order right now, but I should know by tomorrow ^.^
  13. Curiousnose

    New Releases for APRIL 2016! and PE's too!

    Is it possible to get a trial size version of Gypsimoon or would I have to order the pack?
  14. Curiousnose

    Lady Victoria's Sweet Little Pussycat

    Thank you StacyK!
  15. Curiousnose

    Lady Victoria's Sweet Little Pussycat

    Has anyone paired this with the phero super sexy??