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  1. oh wow i applied my roller ball of 10 drops of UN pherotine to this and it's wow wow wow! i'm at home in pyjamas i applied just a roll over neck and i feel soo confident like on a high, like i can do out and strut my stuff and seduce every guy in the town, like my inhibations are dropped down, like such a confidence booster like nothing cares in the world and like i could go out and wear a mini skirt! such a confidence booster, hate to think what it's like out! will give it a whirl on friday when i see my psy see how he reacts! hubby is already looking glassy eyed! wow scented combined with UN and your ready to go lol!
  2. would this work the same way pherotines, adding 10 drops of a pherotine to the same scented pherotine bottle? ie scented LFM and UN FLM?
  3. sounds good i have this in scented mystic dewdrop and my UN pherotine of it should be arriving today, so will mix a few drops of the UN into the bottle of scented!
  4. so Tsunonme my love, i was beginning to think that only OCCO's worked but my love has 10 drops of of cops! so i decided we would do a nice test drive today, i placed a tiny drop in between breasts and some cougar potion over the torso, wow i was on my way to my psy as usual on monday nights but passed by a guy that was pushing his baby in push chair, the guy stopped and grinned at me and didn't move at all till i was gone, why is it with OCCO's or small amount of OCCO's these guys have grins on their faces? my love for Tsunonme has only 10 drops of the OCCO's I'm thinking that this plus cougar potion must have pushed him over the wall, i hate to think what a full OCCO would do lol a full OCCO is next on my list
  5. Yes will have too! he didn't like the perfume and told me it stunk!
  6. lol i went wrong and did Aja and then FLM scented, he looked at me and said i did some perfume and that we were going to bed, not a good idea, my cat is seriously sucking up to me, she can't get settled, as for hubby he is in bed and off to sleep! umm should of stuck with CP
  7. I also have Dom scented Lace scented open windows scented LFM scented Cougar Scented all ideas welcome!
  8. I have a load of scented but nothing really sexual, have scented Cougar, Aja in a bottle and Compromsing Positions, which should i choose and Use? the last time CP was really good, never seen him soo big lol! advice please lol!
  9. i always wondered what the difference is between OCCO and cops! some scented just say they have cops, and others are called OCCO, isn't cops and OCCO the same thing?
  10. oh ok which OCCO s do you wear, and how do you wear them, first occo then phero?
  11. which cops do you add?, you said you add them to everything, and how much do you add like to a roller ball bottle etc?
  12. oh sounds good, will get a bottle when i can, love foody ones.
  13. which one is Unversal Antidote have'nt seen that one.
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