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  1. so what does un contain pheros wise, i have trouble with cops, either smell like burnt rubber or sweat! so would be interested to know what un contains!
  2. mine too is in a glass bottle with a dipper but i mixed 3 drops into an existing perfume i already have!
  3. i mixed 3 drops of this into an existing perfume spray that i already have, and the effects seem to be better for the throw, it can be literally mixed into any perfume spray that you already have!
  4. i just placed an order seemed to go through ok
  5. this stuff def works on dogs, i put 3 drops into a 75ml bottle of perfume and did one spray on the wrist mushed around, this afternoon, the neighbours dog came trotting over to me, normally it keeps away lol! would prefer it works on the guys lol but i have noticed it works better mixed with a spray perfume!?
  6. i just added 3 drops of Aja to a perfume spray i have in a bottle, it's quite big 75ml with an unscruable top luckily anyway, i find the perfume spray really hides well the scent of aja!
  7. ok thankyou for all the info, will be using this list on my next shopping spree!
  8. thankyou soo much for the info it will help a lot, all the ones stated do you use in UN or scented?
  9. also just realised i didn't shake the bottle before applying so did everything wrong, just added a cover to it, to tone it down, a bit too late as he now says he has a headache lol! LMAO
  10. ok thanks for the tip, i think i must of used too much lol! sounds like a swirl round the stomach and smooth it around a bit is more than enough for the wrists, also i didn't smmosh it, i just left it to dry, think i did everything wrong lol!
  11. i probably put too much on as i liked the scent in the beginning coconut raspberry etc, i think three rolls on each hand lol! don't really know how much i should be using lol!
  12. lol, i just wore Tsunonme w/ Copulins, and hubby said i need to take a shower lol, on me it smells like strong coffee, for some reason cops to me smell like coffee lol!
  13. everyone is raving about Lumina un which other ones have little odor?
  14. thanks for the info will give some of those a try in next purchase!
  15. oh ok that might explain things lol, i thought i was instant, but i wore aja yesterday evening and today had a hit in a shop 24 hours later after shower!
  16. i have a few cops scented perfumes and non pheros, not much luck with cops, do pheros work better do you think?
  17. Fang


    Hello and welcome
  18. ok will do, maybe tried it too soon after it's travels lol
  19. yeah maybe, i need to stay away from those lol! on my skin tonight i had no effects maybe because of the compostion on my skin! need to find some pheros that don't have that in, any ideas?
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