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  1. i think i need to avoid amber, as it smells too coffee on my skin, think i need to keep to foody scents!
  2. ok tried this tonight out to a restaurant, on dry down get a coffee smell on me, maybe it's the amber lol
  3. I have just recieved mine and have spiked a 15ml oil bottle of inhale lush with 3 drops of this, wow the inhale now smells soo good, inhale intially smells of melons, resins, and black pepper and with the aja added it gives it a more rounded sweeter scent! going out this afternoon so will see if there are any selfies lol!
  4. thankyou, you too! have some hot hot cocoa by the fire!?
  5. Thankyou! would prefer to wear the mittens, it's soo hot here, the other day the weather was 51°, it has now cooled down to 34, but still hot, looking forward to winter lol!?
  6. Hello and welcome i hope you enjoy it here!?
  7. where is the label for this one? need a bottle lol
  8. Thankyou, soo glad to have found this happy forum, and lots of nice people!?
  9. ok thankyou, will stick to the dark box and cupboard then.
  10. I have thought about the fridge idea, don't have a cooler, but we do use the fridge for sodas beer etc, on the fridge it is electronically set to 4°, do you think they would be ok in there, till the weather cools down? do you think the cold from the fridge would affect them?
  11. Hello, it's super hot here 38°, how do you guys go about storing your phero copulin perfumes? if they are in a black box in the cupboard but it's still hot will they be ok, unforunetly i can't do anything about the weather.
  12. Yes OMG this is me lol, whenever anyone gets me in a tizz, they really know about it, i'm really not very dipomatic and if somebody really annoys they know about it in seconds! a bitch repelent perfume would be cool! called "don't rub my back" lol! i would buy gallons!
  13. Thankyou, soo happy to have found this amazing forum!??
  14. very interesting thanks for sharing!
  15. lol, i forgot everywhere is sunny at the moment!??
  16. I have just ordered this want to try it out on a guy i like, last week he asked me how i would feel if he pinned me up against the wall and got me screaming lol, so i thought this might give things an extra kick, i don't have any phero perfumes in my collection, so it will be interesting to see how things go lol!
  17. Hello Mara, newbie here, as i didn't know how the sales work, i have just gone ahead and placed my order with you to Toulouse France, it was a bottle of AJA and a bottle of Odalisque 2017 w/ Bang! would it be possible to add a freebie bottle of Cougar to it please?, if not no worrys!
  18. Hello everybody, a big hello from sunny south france!
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