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  1. Out of the four summer OCCO's I got, this one has the most complex drydown. In the bottle, it's a yummy, very bright raspberry. In the drydown, the vanilla & something super sexy that I can't pin down comes out. It's such a gorgeous drydown, I would definitely have no problem wearing this alone.
  2. I looooove this !! This, to me, is heavier on the cherry than Special Delivery or Wild Cherry, but you can definitely detect the chocolate & I think it will layer amazingly with either one. It's sweet, syrupy, candied cherry fun. Super juicy & fun
  3. I about died when I smelled this one...total nosegasm ! It sort of reminds me of going to a high end restaurant & having a limited edition creme brulee based on a creamsicle. It's delicious & mouthwatering without being little girlish at all.
  4. Yes, yes, YES ! This is absolutely beautiful. I got this to pair with Body Paint & it layers with it even better than I thought it would ( they are my scents of the day ). It actually reminds me of a simpler version of Body Paint. If you love gourmand lavenders, do yourself a gigantic favor & order as many of these as you can.
  5. I literally ran out of money, so I couldn't bid anymore, but I will definitely be donating to this charity regardless when I get paid, though. I agree with everyone, super cool of Mara to donate from her personal collection of faves to help others !
  6. I think that this is a great point, because I got my mom obsessed with Balm Bomb, & she swears up & down that the perfumed version has a better effect on her than the UN she got as a pherotine, & I did make sure to tell her to shake it before each use, lol. She looooves the scent, too, & she hates almost any perfume, mainly due to allergies.
  7. Oh YAY, that's awesome to hear because I was so worried that I made a mess of it ! And thank you so much, absolutely no hurry ! Just wanted to be sure that I got the right address
  8. I found the lead up to the sale the most exhausting, lol. Then, once it started ( I was lucky enough to be on here already ) I was excited, but in a very panicked way, lol. I imagined literally everything being claimed within like an hour or something crazy like that, but it's good to know that next year, I can be a bit more relaxed about it & know how it works. I feel just incredibly relieved now & super excited go get my package in the future. I know EXACTLY what you mean about PM, I would go literally insane trying to keep track of everyone's stuff. She really is amazing on so many levels !
  9. Yes, & she has a bottle of Red Lace on her list, so there will be a line of men, waiting to whisk her back to theirs 😏
  10. Sorry for just noticing this just now, @Potion Master but I see on the master list that you have me down for a Sugared Raspberry FB, but it was a FB of Fairy Cake Raspberry that I reserved
  11. Oops, didn't realize that we were supposed to reserve the new OCCOs...I would like to reserve the following in the 1/6 oz : OCCO Cherry OCCO Lavender Buttercream OCCO Raspberry Rhapsody OCCO Orange Droolius ONLY BECAUSE THERE'S SO FEW AND i WILL BE A COUPLE DAYS BEHIND IN INVOICING EVERYONE. DON'T WANT ANYONE TO MISS OUT.
  12. I second this, the suggestion to make it permanent ! I about screamed when I saw it offered as a freebie for the sale tonight 🤣
  13. Awesome, Monday it is, thanks
  14. I have a question about the invoice. I know that we email you with our forum name, purchase list, etc...I can pay on the 5th day ( Monday morning, afternoon, at the latest ) & have everything reserved & know what I want to purchase, so do I still send you all of that today, or do I wait closer to Monday to email you that ?
  15. I would like to cancel ONE of my bottles ( FB ) of Body Paint in order to add Tingle Tangle in a FB. I apologize, I didn't see that was available somehow. That's my last revision, promise, lol. So instead of 2 FB of Body Paint, I would like 1 FB of that + 1 FB of Tingle Tangle. Thank you !
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