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  1. That sounds gorgeous !! I've never even tried that one & I'll still second this plea, lol. I tend to really love the different versions of LP, & this sounds exquisite.
  2. I'm still loving Balm Bomb...I just slathered some on a few minutes ago, actually. I've been getting consistent hits with this from a very handsome male. It's my cat, but still 🤣 Seriously, he loves this ! I remember that he seemed to like it months back, & thought " Okay, you're losing it now, he's a CAT " lol. But then I saw that Mara put a pet bonding phero out recently & thought, interesting. Anyway, I was having my usual trouble sleeping the other night, so I slathered on some BB. My cat was on my bed, near his favorite window ( well...his favorite window in my room, anyway ) & as soon as I laid down, he came over & plopped his furry butt right beside me, purring away & nudging my hand for some pets. I obliged him for a bit, then turned to my other side, & he walks literally over me, & plops his orange behind on the side that I switched to, purring away. So, I can now safely say that Balm Bomb had my kitty's seal of approval. Not sure if it's the phero, the scent or both. He seems to be more affectionate when I wear Red Lace too, LP Pink, with or without a phero, & seems to like when I wear LFM, too. But none of these quite as much as BB. Christ, re - reading this, I sound like a whackjob 🤣 What can I say, I've been quarantined for too long, I guess...
  3. You are so welcome ! I'm very happy to provide the reminder, it's such a gorgeous scent, I hated the thought of it getting no love in the sale - so happy you got it ! @Eastwood22 that idea for the Butterscotch OCCO pairing is awesome ! It just so happens that Butterscotch is going in my order, so I'm going to try that out, too ! @Kayla it also goes amazingly with OCCO White, I pair it with that a lot & it's a gorgeous pairing, too.
  4. I figured that I would bump this thread, since I see that there's a bottle up for grabs for the sale, & it may get overlooked. I bought a vial of this back in June, I believe ? And fell so deeply in love with it, that I immediately ordered a full bottle. I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that this is absolute heaven ! It's creamy, boozy, caramel ( at least, it reads caramel on me ) banana folded into that gorgeous LP base. It's one of the richest, most edible gourmands that I've ever tried - ever. If you're a gourmand lover, & you're trying to think of something to grab for your free bottle, I would highly consider this !
  5. You're the reason that I reserved one of the Fairy Cake Gingerbreads, lol. I remember you raving over that one awhile back. Can't wait to try it ! To stay on topic, I reserved ( for the time being, anyway, lol ) Fairy Cake : Gingerbread, Fairy Cake : Rose, & planning on ordering OCCO Butterscotch & OCCO Weenie Pump.
  6. That is so cool ! I was actually BIG on dolls & I had no idea, lol
  7. Really ?? Wow ! I have always wondered if there were more who loved that scent, because it's such a nostalgic thing...kinda bummed that I missed out on that PE, lol
  8. One of my favorite things about Mara's perfumes are how they morph into an even more exquisite scent over time, sometimes even in a matter of a few days, which is definitely the case with this one ! Yesterday, this one called to me, so I gave myself a good slathering of it, along with one spray of Topper. First of all, I think that I phero bombed my daughter 🤣 She's already a cute little bubbly 20 year old, lol...but we went on a long drive & she was in party mode, lol ! Dancing in her seat, laughing, just having an awesome time. So, that was definitely fun. As far as the scent, it has morphed in just the week that I had it, & omg, it may have moved it's way right into my fave spot of my new scents ( sorry, Rocket Fuel & Bonbon Booty...I still have mad love for both of ya ) It is just GORGEOUS ! When I first put it on, it still has that Drive By Fruiting vibe ( which I do love ) but the dry down....omg, the dry down... Just this luscious swirl of buttercream with a hint of berry ( I can smell all of the berries now, as opposed to last week ) just dripping with sweet honey. Just completely edible & lickable, & with the Levitation in it plus a spray of Topper...just a big, delicious cloud of good times ! Yesterday got stressful but I wasn't feeling the stress...I felt oblivious. So, I am loving everything about this. I love it so much that I put it on again TODAY & I never, ever wear the same scent twice in a row. Today, I also paired it with BBM, along with Topper, because BBM dries down to a creamy vanilla doll head type scent ( I know, I'm weird af, lol )...I noticed that this plus Raspberry Chiffon are just excellent with BBM, so it's nice to have ( new ) scents that give me some BBM use. I will probably be ordering a backup bottle of this somewhat soon.
  9. I'm not sure if it's appropriate for me to review this, since being quarantined, I can't really speak of hits. But I did want to say that I use socials even at home because I get good self effects from them, & this is one of my new faves for that...I loooooove this phero ! I used 3 sprays ( in the alcohol base ) on top of Rocket Fuel w/ Bang Bang & have been in a super happy mood ever since. And I woke up with my anxiety trying to flare up. This is up there with Lace & Open Windows for self effects.
  10. This is about as YUM as you can get. My skin amps the cinnamon like mad when I first put this on, which is odd because cinnamon is not usually a note that I amp like that...nothing unpleasant at all, I just found it strange, lol. Anyway, as it dries down, the dominant notes on my skin are definitely the brown sugar, which I'm reading mainly as caramel, I think ? And a very rich, edible vanilla note. I put just a bit on each side of my neck ( and a good bit on wrists ) because I'm not sure how many cops are in this, but apparently that little bit is enough because I'm surrounded by this rich, luscious cloud of sweetness & I feel like a walking dessert. I did add a couple of sprays of UN Classy Dame to this, figured it would be safe since it's a variant, & I'm loving the phero cloud as much as the scent cloud ! I woke up with my anxiety trying to claw it's way out & I just feel super happy right now, so it has to be the pheros. This one is a winner for sure, & tied with Bonbon Booty as my fave from the order.
  11. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that ? 😅 It's definitely good to know that this blends works that well for me, though. I can't remember at all if Wild Cherry had that effect, but I think that I barely put any on, because that was my first jump into sexual pheros & I was 🐓
  12. Okay, so after my shower last night, I couldn't wait to try this, so I did...this is soooo sexy & lickable ! I get mostly chocolate, plus whatever I'm picking up that was reminding me of Wild Cherry, & it was just dripping honey. Honey usually only works for me combined with fruit, so I was nervous about ordering a full bottle, but I'm really glad that I took that leap of faith because this was just decadent. And for some reason, the Sexology hit me HARD last night lol. I wear OCCOs all the time, so not sure why. Anyway, so far, this is my favorite, although I did just put on Rocket Fuel w/ Bang Bang & already, it's vying for that spot...but that's a review for another thread 🤣
  13. Just an OOB review of this right now, because I'm already slathered in Raspberry Chiffon AND Sugar Pie Honey Bun, & don't want to push it with the different pheros, lol....but this smells amaaaazing wet ! Super sweet, with a hint of spice, & something about it smells very...caramel ? Probably how I'm reading the brown sugar. I'll likely test run this one tomorrow. I feel like it begs to be paired with LP Red 😈
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