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  1. On my knees begging for a rebrew of LP Carnival.... phero'd,with anything, virgin, whatever...just PLEASE ! It's my fave scent ever, & I discovered it far too late
  2. Loooove the new site....my fave so far. I love how the phero boost option is on it & that mad scientist option is insanely cool ! Also love the automatic discount code. Beautiful site, cool new things...it's a win !
  3. Ooooooh, Pure Sugar & LP Red sounds like an amazing combo !
  4. I'm wearing Cougar Potion today & it occurred to me that I never reviewed this yet ( !!! )....I looooove this magical little potion, & the more I wear it, the more I love it. The dry down on me is very much like Pure Sugar, with a soft background of grapefruit. The musk & amber are very, very faint on me. As far as the phero, I feel just all around happy, as far as self effects, & I tend to get great service from men, at stores, restaurants, etc, wearing it. I'm talking huge smiles, falling all over themselves, lol. It's quite fun to wear out, especially with an OCCO. I did have one odd experience with this. This phero did not agree with one random guy, to say the least. My daughter & I were out during the summer & I was slathered in a trial of Cougar ( Yep, I'm a slatherer ) but I don't think I OD'd on it because everyone else was responding amazingly. We were walking out of a store, & I this guy walked up right beside me & I could actually SEE when my Cougar cloud hit him, because he turned to me & gave me this look of......the only way I can describe it is, blatant hatred ? My daughter picked up on it & looked at me like, yikes ! As we walked down to my car, he followed ( his car was across from ours, pretty much ) & when he got to his car, he turned around to give me one last long intense murderous look...like wtf ? My daughter, as soon as we get in the car, said " Did you know that guy ?? " I said nope, never seen him before in my life. She said he either wanted to kill me, or else his attempt at a sexy smoldering look went very wrong 🤣 I don't blame Cougar, though, I know that everyone responds to pheros differently. And other than that one reaction, I have lots of fun with her, & I love her scent, so she's a keeper for sure.
  5. Ah, thank you for that info, I figured it wasn't all in my head, or a mere coincidence. What a fun little side effect
  6. Agreed, there are lots of things I fell in love with from sniffies that I wouldn't have considered otherwise ! And there are notes that I always detested ( musk is the main one that comes to mind ) that I absolutely adore now in LPMP blends, because they are done so well ( Ebil - ish, Tingle Tangle, etc...loooove LPMP's musks ) so the past year has been a fun, eye opening surprise I think that I will order a Butterscream Lemon this coming weekend, & I'm thinking maybe Beth's Blushing Milkmaid will layer good with it...
  7. So, Topper is a lot of fun ! I had a pumpkin fest to go to yesterday in this adorable shopping village around here, so I wore just two small dots of OCCO Red ( was with family, so didn't want to slather the cops ), Fairy Cake Pumpkin ( obvious choice, lol ), one spray of UN Lace, two of Topper & the drive over was like a party, lol. lots of laughter & happiness, which is normal with us, but it was definitely even more than usual. Didn't notice much as far as hits because it was way too crowded this year, so I only went into the witch shop & the winery ( because priorities ) & everyone was definitely super sweet, but they always are there. As far as self effects & everyone in my phero cloud, this is a definite winner & up there with Lace & Open Windows for me. Also, later I did a refresh spray & had my wine after, & I feel like my wine hit me MUCH harder ? Not sure if it was Topper, can that happen ? Not complaining, lol. Today, I have it on over Super Happy Funtime w/ Levitation & loving these together, too
  8. Yeah, I've been eyeing that section a lot lately... I never paid much attention to Butterscream Lemon until I purchased a couple of things from Anchoredinopulence recently & she generously included some trials & sniffies...one of them being that scent, & I kinda fell head over heels for it. I REALLY need to sit on my hands to stop ordering, lol...but, now I'm like, hmmmm, I'm getting low on LP Original again ( crisis mode ! ) & maybe I need to toss Butterscream Lemon in there when I order...
  9. Let me piggyback this, because I just got Garland with Lace in my package yesterday & I'm just dying to try some more pherod melts now So I will join you in this plea, lol
  10. I have Garland & Lace on now ( practically flew up to the PO for my package today, lol ) & loooooooooooove it.....LOVE it !! It smells so delicious, & the Lace is definitely apparent & giving my entire house that happy Lace vibe. Can't wait until more of these come out. I have a pumpkin fest today that I've been looking forward to all year & now, I almost don't want to leave 🤣 But I guess it's not a huge tragedy, since my package also contained my UN Lace...so no matter where I am, I'll have my Lace 😍 PM, I've said it before but it's worth repeating...you are a genius
  11. Hmmmm, that's a good question... they kinda went MIA. If you're looking to order some, they're still on the new site.
  12. Ah, there seems to be some left there, you're right, thank you ! God where is my brain lately 🤣
  13. Thank you for the rec, that is great to know for the next order, especially since I got an email shortly after my order that the Aphrodisia was out of stock ( not a big tragedy, it just meant one more pack of Garland & Lace tarts instead, yay 🤣 ) & I've always had it in my mind to throw in a trial of that particular OCCO anyway, so it's good to know it works with Drive By Fruiting
  14. Thank you for this suggestion, because I always want to add cops to this, but nothing seems to quite....fit, if that makes sense ? And I have sooo many OCCO's. I've worn White with it & it's nice, but it would definitely be nice to have something that suits it better. I just ordered the Aphrodisia solid...I usually don't do solids, but I used to hate oils for perfume ( was an alcohol / spray only kind of girl ) & now I love them, so I figured why not ? Do these need a dry down time like the oils ? I'm so excited to get this ! I loooove Drive By Fruiting. but I feel naked without cops, lol.
  15. YAY, this is so exciting !! I've been hoarding my Candied Apple simmer oil from last year, loooove it, & just now ordered some Garland & Lace tarts....the thought of phero'd tarts sounds just amazing, especially with anything w/ alpha nol. I get the best self effects from Lace, can't wait to try these
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