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    complete newbie!

    Honestly, if you are that worried about the scent, I would go with a perfume blended with whichever pheromone you want...and I would go with something that YOU think would smell good on you, something that makes * you * feel sexy....but that’s just my opinion on it if you want musk & patchouli then i would get that
  2. StrawberryKitten

    complete newbie!

    I’m still pretty new myself, but got tons of sample vials....I would say Compromising Positions, but since you don’t like vanilla, I would say one of the OCCO shields....I have White, but again, since you don’t like vanilla, you won’t want white ! Maybe you would like the Red Shield ? The heavy copulin perfumes really have great self effects for me, it’s like hit you over the head with a sex craving, & I am low on confidence these days & those help a lot in that area, so maybe you will feel the same ? If you choose an OCCO shield, you probably won’t have to worry about the bad scent...I only have White ( so far ) but all I smell, even before it dries, is a sweet, rich, delicious vanilla !
  3. StrawberryKitten


    So I got my package today & eagerly tore into it, & immediately sprayed 3 spritzes of Lace, & WOW, this it it !! These full strength pheromones don’t play ! I felt super tipsy for the first few hours, & I still feel all happy & energetic ! i went to the store earlier & in my Lace cloud, almost rammed into this poor random lady’s cart, apologized & she got super happy looking & all giggly, it had to have been my Lace cloud, lol. Haven’t used around men yet, so I cannot speak of hits, but to be honest, I love the self effects of this soooo much that I don’t even care about hits ! I will definitely always have it, as long as it’s around. It’s a winner for sure. So, those of you who love Lace, do you have any other recs for the full strengths ?
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    Thank you !! 🙃
  5. StrawberryKitten


    Thank you so much for the welcome, & I love your username but I guess that goes without saying 😂
  6. StrawberryKitten

    Love Potion: Red

    Definitely !!! I also mixed my vials of Love Potion Pink with my OCCO White, even though I loved both oob & on skin alone....but together, they are even better :)
  7. StrawberryKitten

    Love Potion: Red

    Love Potion Red smelled amazing in the bottle, but not on my skin Same with Compronising Positions...I had each in the trial size. Anyway, I had some empty roll on bottles, & decided wth, I’ll mix them together. For some reason, it was a magical combination for me ! Smells delicious & really works with my chemistry now, which makes no sense, since neither did alone, but hey, I’ll take it.
  8. StrawberryKitten

    OCCO: Coco Cocoa

    I want to try this one so bad...I may have to toss it in my cart next order.
  9. StrawberryKitten


    Hi 👋 guys, new here ! I started ordering last month & can’t seem to stop any time I ever extra money now lol...I ordered Lace last week in the alcohol base spray form & absolutely cannot wait til it’s here ! I love this forum & looking through all of your reviews. Y’all are not boring, lol