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    DHEAS (Topper is this + alpha-andro) (order after trying topper)
    UNE (honey Phero Girl scent but no copulins)
    Est (add to Dominance to make it into Leather)($$$)
    Beths Blushing Milkmaid

    Other wants:
    Spark in the Dark
    Excalibur, Merlin's Blend

    Ordered as of 11/10/2012:
    SS4M (euphoric for women) pyp sample
    Topper pyp sample
    Gotcha pyp sample
    EOW oil
    Cuddly Bunny
    OCCO sampler

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  1. Darbla

    Spirit Bottle 2015

    If it's rebrewed (crossing fingers!) I'll have to go full bottle. No second-thinking it!
  2. Darbla

    Spirit Bottle 2015

    Is this really sold out already??? It is amazing!
  3. Darbla

    Private Editions for August 2015

    I would like to reserve one bottle of Grimoire. The last time I looked at this thread, Grimoire was sold out and I planned my sale purchase without it and made notes to myself in the sale thread. Now I'm wanting to sub this for Scarlet Leaf that I mentioned in that thread, but I'm hoping it's OK since what I'm talking about subbing isn't one of the sale items. But I can't go back and edit that thread because I don't want you to think I changed one of the sale items. Of course, when I think I'm doing something to make things easier for myself I just end up complicating matters!!!
  4. Darbla

    Stalk Talk!

    Ha! I came here just to check around if September releases were going to be Autumn scents! Still have not placed my sale order. I need a couple of pheros, and I could get a few freebies. Probably everything I wanted is gone now though.
  5. Darbla

    Back by popular demand!

    Are you talking about the original scented like chocolate roses? That one is awesome! I'd dearly love more Sex & Violins (unpheroed...)!
  6. Darbla

    Like A Magnet--WOW

    I've seen a trial size special for this month mentioned in a few different places on the boards now. Is that the 1.5 ml for $8 that's listed under the LAM choices when you go to buy it? I would love an unscented version of this to add to LP #9. Some of the stories in this thread made me think about that old movie that I absolutely adore, so now I'm craving to try that combo! If not an unscented LAM, which of the scents do you think would blend best with LP #9's scent? ETA: Actually I just found "Magnet Formula" in the Mad Scientist options. So maybe this really is available without a scent and LP #9 could be chosen to go with it since scent is also a Mad Scientist choice? http://lovepotionperfume.com/reading_room/articles/PheroList
  7. I love the sound of this scent, but I'm like Beach Goddess: not interested in giving weird signals to other people. I use B2 at night as kind of a relaxing thing, but I wouldn't wear it around other people.
  8. Darbla

    Stalk Talk!

    I still have my original trial vial! Still love it. Somebody upthread was talking about a fairy theme for next releases. Was that just horsing around or was that true?
  9. Darbla

    Perfect Match?

    Well, if copulins can increase testosterone then I suppose oxytocin can be increased by other pheros. I got my order of PM. Cross your fingers for me that it helps have a positive effect on my target guy Friday night!
  10. Mara, your dedication to integrity and customer service rocks. One HUGE reason for all of us repeat customers! Sorry for the non-BI chatter in this BI thread, but integrity at work is in short supply where I'm at so I appreciate it when I see it.
  11. Darbla

    Perfect Match?

    This sounds like it might be helpful for an event I have coming up. A cute single guy will be there that I kind of wanted to see if there might be a few sparks between us if we got a chance to hang out more. Do you think this might help get his attention in a positive way? I'm not interested at this point in the whomp over the head copulins are, and I wouldn't do that with all the other people we'll be around anyway. I just want to get him thinking "hey, I might want to pay more attention here".
  12. Darbla

    Stalk Talk!

    "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" I never saw the later additions to the 'Highlander' franchise, so that quote hearkens back to the original: http://www.shadowlocked.com/201101201312/opinion-features/there-can-be-only-one-why-the-first-highlander-is-the-best.html I'm kind of partial to another clan of highlanders right now, though: http://www.starz.com/videos/video/72ddbd46dfcd41f0883ed7dc16ce565d?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Starz_Outlander&utm_term=outlander%20starz%20series
  13. Does Super Sexy have the same general effect as copulins? Or how different are they? I need to hear some comparison stories and input to work out for myself if I want to get Sneaky Clean or OCCO Blue.
  14. Darbla

    Spell Collection 2015 - Sigils!

    Is this by chance going to cover releases for the next 2 months?
  15. Darbla

    Spell Collection 2015 - Sigils!

    OMG this is an instant whole collection buy for me! I want to anoint my birds' homes with Protection Potion, the Peaceful Home label is the ideal cozy witch's cottage, I certainly could use One True Love, and I could go on about the others! Cue up the credit card...