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  1. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SCENT!!!! I have it on again today. WHY can't this be permanent? WHY can't I have another bottle? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  2. Me too! LOL. I have to honestly say that this is my favorite LP scent thus far. I love all of the deep, dark scents, but this is on an entirely different level for me. I usually don't like Spring/Summer scents, regardless of who makes them, which makes this time of the year boring for me perfume-wise. This was hit right out of the ballpark. I love it.
  3. Lol @ Lady Victoria! Anyhow, this scent is awesome. I think that I've found my signature scent for the Summer. Just lovely. Wow.
  4. This stuff should be patented and an IPO should be issued. I'd totally buy stock! I wore this today and I saw it working it's magic all day. I mean, I could seriously see when it "hit" people. Amazing.
  5. Just came straight home and placed an order. LOL. Full bottles: Blackstone Coco Frambuesa Everything Nice OCCO Ambrosia Sweet Chic Sample: LAM Buttercream Peach. So excited!!!!
  6. Can I just say that I'm still in love with this scent? Others seem to love it too. One of the nurses walks up to me today and says "Who smells so good? It's you! Come here! You smell delicious, like high-end coffee and chocolate!!!" I couldn't help but laugh.
  7. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE OCCO White. I just had to get that out of my system. LOL.
  8. Yeah. So I tried it out after my post earlier. DH was working from home.......he had to take about 2 hour hiatus. I wasn't expecting that! I can definitely tell the difference between Sexpionage sex and SS4W sex. I like both.
  9. What do you ladies think of pairing this with SS4W? I don't usually mix pheros, but I wonder about this one. I've tried this scent several times now (started low and then increased the amount) and get nothing from the phero, but I adore the scent itself so I want to wear it. Like I've said before, it seems to me that pheros that are geared specifically towards social effects don't seem to work well on me, but other items do, SS4W for instance. It seems like a perfect one to pair with this scent.
  10. And it makes other people think that you're great too. I was on call yesterday, so I didn't go in to the hospital until 3pm. From the moment that I walked in I was the Star. Everyone, including my Chairman wanted to chat. I kept trying to leave to do work and he'd find something else to talk to me about and reel me back in. LOL. I could see the moment that the phero hit him. Add in the spike of cops from the Titillating Temptress and he was eating of my hand. This morning, I was sitting between two male colleagues during a meeting and I could tell that it hit them too (at this point I had
  11. I haven't worn this one in a couple of weeks. I just put it on about 30 minutes ago. I already feel like a STAR and I haven't even left the house yet. LOL. I love this blend.
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