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  1. I just put this on for the first time. This is a spectacularly gorgeous Summer, tropical scent. I love it! There isn't even a hint of cop smell either which is great. Very coconuty-banana. I'm glad that I ordered a full bottle.
  2. I'm wearing mine right now. Right now I'm getting a powdery rose scent. I don't detect chocolate, patchouli or anything else...but it's still beautiful. I'm interested to see how this morphs. Nice scent
  3. Pursestan

    Katerina Suit

    I just got mine today. Rich, smoky chocolate with a hint of leather. This is sexy. I put this on and immediately felt sexy and tingly in all of the right places. Like a sexy secretary who is planning to seduce the boss....short, tight skirt, partially unbuttoned silk blouse and 5 inch heels....sitting on the edge of a big, mahogany desk, legs crossed....licking my lips. That kind if sexy. This is a total win!
  4. I plan to purchase some other items so I can pay at one time. I'd definitely like some EOW added to the bottle. How does the Gift Cert work? That's a new one for me. Thanks! :-)
  5. Mara. will you be sending out invoices like last time? Thanks.
  6. ^^ Mara, do you think that "Rebecca's Dominance in Pink" could handle a boost with EOW? If so, I'd like to add that to mine.
  7. May I get a bottle of "Rebecca's Dominance in Pink," please? Thanks.
  8. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SCENT!!!! I have it on again today. WHY can't this be permanent? WHY can't I have another bottle? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  9. Me too! LOL. I have to honestly say that this is my favorite LP scent thus far. I love all of the deep, dark scents, but this is on an entirely different level for me. I usually don't like Spring/Summer scents, regardless of who makes them, which makes this time of the year boring for me perfume-wise. This was hit right out of the ballpark. I love it.
  10. Lol @ Lady Victoria! Anyhow, this scent is awesome. I think that I've found my signature scent for the Summer. Just lovely. Wow.
  11. So Mara, is there more of Lady V's Sweet Little Pussy Cat? I got my bottle and it's PURRRFECT. I might need a second bottle. Let me know!
  12. This stuff should be patented and an IPO should be issued. I'd totally buy stock! I wore this today and I saw it working it's magic all day. I mean, I could seriously see when it "hit" people. Amazing.
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