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  1. I got to say May's new releases were a real super hit for me. I got Me Jane, and that one is just so fantastic the way it smells. Blended so perfectly and just smells delicious! I also really like Lady Casanova...that one might be my favorite. And then there is UNE...good gosh!!! And then I get this "enabler" samples that are just sure to get me to get a big bottle. Was lucky to get a sample of Sugared French Vanilla. Ummmm...the sin in that one!!! YUM!
  2. I like this one alot. The smell is like Dolly described. It is gorgeous!!!!
  3. I need to get a big bottle of it. I think Dark Seductions and Secret Weapon are definitely my favorites.
  4. I just placed an order for one of the new pheromones (estraenol)? My spelling is probably off as it has been a busy day and I can't think to spell right now. I am really loving Dark Seductions lately. I swear that stuff is DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I know what you mean, Dolly. There was a guy I went out with once who did not smell good to me. He raised his arms up one day along the top of sofa and then took off his shoes as well. The smell was so nasty that I just could not date him. My own brother walked by and was rude and asked what the hell, as he smelled him too. lol. My FIL moved in with us last year and I never liked the way he smelled either. I was always lighting candles and burning incense.
  6. WOOOWEEE!!! Love this stuff! I just got mine today and it smells FANTASTIC! Have not tried it in public yet, but it is neither too light or too much...just right! The blend is amazing, I must say. You out did yourself Potion Master!
  7. I don't know what to tell you, but I have been there before so I understand. For me, I had no interest in sex while in most of my twenties. I also worked in daycare for 6 years and my children were very small so I was constantly around children, my own and others so it didn't exactly help put me "in the mood". I don't know what your situation is, how old you are, etc. but you have to take alot of things into perspective as to why you feel the way you do or maybe just some of us go thru this, for whatever reason..hormones, etc. I even went to the doctors over mine and had blood test taken to find out why I had no interest. She pointed out my small children and daycare, etc. and said when I got to be in my mid 30's, I would take more interest again. She was right. I don't know if any of this helps you, but there are so many things that can be going on to make you feel this way, and it is not necessarily strange or abnormal. I was just telling you my situation.
  8. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist! lol. I swear by Jake by Hollister. My man wears it and it arouses me. Weird, but it does.
  9. You know some men just overpower me with their smell. I don't want to label any, but I get alot of men that come over to work on the electric, plumbing, etc. and some just smell so strong, it is like they are wearing, "Essences of Balls". Could just be some don't shower as much as they should. Dunno. I have to light my candles and spray lysol. Some men have really strong musky smells perhaps and then there are some that make you want to follow them around almost as if you are stalking them. Ooh la la. hehe. There is one I know of, and that man should have his smell bottled and have someone pay him for it!!!!
  10. Ya'll can call me Charlotte. I just thought the Cleo sounded so, well..provocative...Oh, well. Better to know now then to buy and be disappointed, so thanks! Well since Mara already puts the EoW in Phero Girl, I think I will just stick with that for now cuz really you not only have the EoW, but the different honeycomb blends and all the other good extra stuff so I can't wait to get mine!
  11. I was wondering if anyone ever tried Cleo for Women from LS? This one intrigues me. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks so much. That was all very good information and very helpful.
  13. I am considering getting EoW. Is it anything like SS? Anyway smell of EoW can be explained? I have Super Sexy. SS is light, goes to baby powder on my skin, but nonetheless, I have found some are intrigued by it.
  14. This one fascinates me because I still think it smells damn nice, like I said before, but none of the men seem to like it. Not my hubby, not my son, my daughter's male friends. This one has the copulins in it so I don't get it. I think they are all crazy for not liking it.
  15. My daughter just called me to say she was wearing the Cougar Girl today and her friends would not stop hugging her.
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