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  1. SO just ordered the new Legend. sounded nice. Might just use a little bit the Charisma oil first and the Legend as the cover. A little mor punch : )
  2. I used Androtic Products years ago. the only thing that I like over there is A314.. the rest well... I have bought quite a few products here ove rthe last few years and enjoy them... I purchased the oil. Oil has always worked good for me.
  3. Haven't posted in awhile but just purchased Charisma. How much are u applying and does it need a cover scent?? Happy New Year everyone!
  4. Hey there.. Haven't posted in many moons! Quick question... I purchased WM and Sorcerer and like both though think Socerer is more me... feel very comfortable wearing it. It fits my person. My only issue is what to do when the scnt wears off and the phero scent is still prensent. As we know pheros do not smell that great and I noticed them after about three or so hours. Any suggestions? great to post back here again!
  5. Hey Dolly... I think you'll like the Bad boy... Let me know your impression of it. How are the pheros goin for your guy? Is he using them and what are your immpressions? Good to hear from you!
  6. Can I assume there is more rone than none given it is listed first. Reminds me of androtics A314 from the description. Also will you have a replacement product for SS4M? I really like that mix!
  7. The one that really stands out to me is a combination of SS4M and Bad Boy. Holy smokes. Speaking of scents how are the new phero blends for men. I see a new one that is unscented. Is it just none and rone? what is the ratio? I will probally order another SS4M. It works great. Will there be another SS type product for men or has wanted man taken its place. I know sooo many questions.. I hope everyone is groovy. Finally summer here in Seattle!
  8. I requested a sample of this and recieved it the other day... Totally spicy and Christmassy! Hohoho : P
  9. I would like to hear from all you phero covering girls on your techniques for covering and layering, especially covering unscented pheros. Also were do you wear it, in what order to you layer? Drydown? I don't want to be that "cologne guy" whose scent come in the door 5 minutes before I do! So share with me I'm listening!
  10. Awesome.. I'm ready... You know you sent me a sample of Bad Boy with my order of unscented SS and Phero Boy Dom and holy shit... I love it... gawd I'm starting to sound like everyone else here... So looks like a merlins and bad boy purchase on the way hehe so what do I do with the nasty habits sample?
  11. Thanks for the report! I enjoy the scent and the effects seem pretty obviuos on my SO. You say "lovesick pup".. my SO looks like she has a school girl crush "flushed" face when I wear it. It's so damn adorable.
  12. "UN" I was thinking 'UNdress" But non phero works! Great artwork... I like my Days off... Especially when I can climb to the hill tops overlooking terra firma and UNdressing
  13. Thanks for the tips, makes sense. and NO I am not planning on wearing SS unscented with S4M... gawd can you imagine.. I'd probally be arrested for just standing there!! But I am finding that the Phero Boy Dom is what I was looking for as a replacement for Turn up the Heat (Androtics) The concept of TUTH is good but I don't like the scent and it just never worked well for me.. I wanted a product that you apply when you want to kick it up a few notches. PBD definatley does the job. And Ammo's scent is uh well... cheezy I think... I found that by wearing S4M around my SO for a few hours then applying PBD a dab or 2 really winds her up! :msn_red_fox_smilies-09: ... I mean it kicks into overdrive. So my idea is to have the SS blend to wear with other scents (Merlins, the new Super non phero etc..) and the PBD for those times when well... you know... hehe It seems I have found a home here. Or maybe it found me... I do like the social products at Androtics, The Instant Honesty, Openess, A314 work real well for me... Too much fun..
  14. Niiiiice...... WOO HOO!!! BOOM!!! I JUST ordered Phero Boy Dom and the SS4M Roll on... to add with the new Super for Men.. My question is how much of the roll on do you use? For the Super for Men I used 1 to 3 dabs (turning bottle over on finger then applying) 3 being the most I would apply. How would that compare to the roll on???
  15. Very well said... I am in the same boat and use other pheros for others things as well BUT adding a little spark to the already great sex life is such a nice little bonus... isn't it..
  16. Totally.. I can just see me trying to mix stuff up, spilling it, blowing stuff up.. "Honey? Are you ok, what was that boom I heard"
  17. Does anyone have an idea of how I would mix SS4M with any of the Mens products? See I can mix a great cocktail but when it comes to this... uh.. well... I imagine I would need some sort of little funnel and something to measure? Hell I don't know... lol Where would one get such supplies? And how what would be a ratio... I am guessing it would depend on how much you're making?
  18. I like the order, I'm no expert, but from what I do know it makes sense and believe the SS package to be very effective at 1 to 3 dabs.. Dabs? is that a term? lol
  19. Well not the Austin Healy per se, but it does remind me of something rare and vintage, something fine, something with class and very masculine... Btw I like the phero package, the SS. Are the ingredients listed in order of amount. Like the most first?
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