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  1. i got blue (it's not here yet) and am totally psyched about it...but now i'm wishing maybe i'd ordered purple for my first occo instead. it sounds so dirty and naughty!
  2. OCCO Blue and a sampler pack...i might get mothership, lava rain and constant craving later...but wanted to smell them first.
  3. i finally tried this one today. i have sooo many samples to get through! this is really a wonderful scent and i might have to get a bottle of this. i'm not usually a super fruity kind of girl, but...nummy...this is tasty. the watermelon was super duper strong on me at first and remains strong, but not overpowering, the whole time. after it warms up on my skin, though, i get a nice kick of cinnamon and a warm, woody cedar/patchouli thing going on that turns watermelon into something smokey, a bit spicey and a lot sexy. i was a bit hesitant about this blend and how the scents would mix, but
  4. once i get this on my skin, that buttery/creamy smell that was making me want to eat it fades away...which is a good thing 'cause i don't want to want to eat myself all day AND i'm not particularly fond of super-foody scents. the lemon comes out more on my skin, still tempered by the buttery cream, and mixes with musk and nutmeg. still a sweet and sort of desserty scent, but the musk and lemon somehow make it more sexy and less foody. not nearly as fruity as i was expecting it to be, thanks to the musk and buttery cream. overall, this is a lovely blend of warm feeling things that makes me
  5. i've only smelled this in the vial and can't wait to get it on my skin. it smells quite tastey...like...LITERALLY tastey. as in...i might try to eat my skin off where i wear this scent. it's kind of buttery, sugary, fruity, sweetness. like dessert without the calories. will update once i've actually worn it.
  6. i've actually had really good luck with stone cougar. i had to ease up off how much i was wearing 'cause i tend to attract either WAY younger guys or guys my dad's age anyway, and SC was getting me checked out in very dirty and obvious ways by teen and pre-teen boys everywhere I went (often much to the dismay of the mothers they were in the company of!). So, yeah...backed up off the dosage a little bit and am still getting the looks, just not getting followed around like they're lost puppies and no longer getting the creepy if-i-weren't-with-my-mom-i'd-do-nasty-things-to-you-right-now stares
  7. WOO HOO! I just made $112 on Ebay...which means...I can buy MORE PERFUME!!! I'm thinking more versions of BAM, maybe an old favorite, and of course...gotta stick a custom in there! You think I should just start having paychecks made out to Mara and Dana and ebay earnings sent straight to Love Potion?
  8. this is a pretty, candy sweet girly fragrance but it doesn't come across as too sweet like a kid's scent. there are some definite grown-up notes in there that make this elegant and just plain gorgeous. my only complaint is that it's too soft and really doesn't last long on me. when i first put this on it's perfect and i LOVE it, but within a couple hours, i am only getting a faint pink sweetness coming from my skin...like it's my own scent and i'm not even wearing a perfume. i wish this could be the same scent it is, but amped WAY stronger so it would last longer.
  9. i would split on a sandalwood/resin BAM and a pink sugars BAM. e.
  10. i'm debating whether i'll place my order tonight or wait and see how much money my auctions bring in on ebay tomorrow. i want at least one BAM, maybe two, though. Tail. Monthly sampler. and either Liquid Magix or Caught in the Act. Anyone interested in splitting on some bottles of BAM?
  11. i give LAM two thumbs up as well. i didn't even put much on last night to test it on the hubby and he went all sex addict on me we made a quick run to the grocery store in the early evening and it was quite odd and amusing because the majority of the men in there were staring at me and checking me out and, believe me, i had put no effort into how i looked and shouldn't have been getting looks at all. lol. Fun. I'm going to love this one and need to get more. I should have tested this before placing that last order!!
  12. i bought a bottle of this unsniffed and am glad i did. this is gorgeous. buttery, smooth, sexy cinnamon...and my hubby loves it! he was all frisky and touchy-feely as soon as i put just a tiny bit on...i guess this stuff works. i put just a couple of swipes on this morning when i picked my package up from the post office, and now it's after 5 p.m. and it's still nice and strong. i can't stop smelling myself in this one. it really is just luscious, sexiness in a bottle! *swoon*
  13. sadtomato


    would you say this is more floral or more aquatic? another one i kind of want to try but am not up for getting a bottle unsniffed because some florals induce migraines for me. ugh. but it sounds so yummy...and i do love my aquatics...and i love nymphs so i'm drawn to this one... e.
  14. this is a very yellow scent on me...citrusy. i like it 'cause it reminds me of a sunny, summer day (i guess that's where the happiness comes in, huh?). my hubby likes it 'cause it's not all heavy, musky, and smutty like most of my other blends. he likes when i change it up and go light, airy and happy once in a while. i swapped for this one and am glad i did...i see this as a good scent for long spring/summer drives with the windows down, road trips, and fishing/boating days out in the sun
  15. i finally got around to trying my sample of this and am really loving it. on my skin it's not at all like it is in the samle vial. once it dries down on my skin i'm left with something warm, comforting, and sexy in a sultry, mysterious way...not a vamp/vixen, on the prowl kind of way. the scent is very well blended and i can't detect individual notes but am left with a slight floral, warm resin, and maybe even a hint of cooling ozone or metallic. a bit oriental, yes. a scent for all eras, yes. this scent doesn't strike me as ultra-modern, though. more classic and sophisticated.
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