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  1. I Am LOVING the combo of Audacious and closer. I just bought full bottles of both in the spray form. I definitely like spray form. It seems to...smell more. I'm gonna try the mix out tonight at the club with a little (either) sexpionage or sexology (un) in the cleavage for any takers.
  2. oh. Well darn. Not quite what I was hoping for.
  3. I'm not seeing a review thread. I may have a swap going for this...so....any reviews? What does it do?
  4. OO, I can't wait to see if any of the pheros have a self effect on me. I really want to try wanted man now too....lol
  5. Thanks, I am definitely looking to broaden my horizons with the testing when my goodies get here. I'm now getting a bottle of sexpionage (from a trade) and I caught my order JUST in time to get the (accidental) double bottle of ssfw swapped out for sexology. I also forgot I have a bottle of the original cuddle bunny. I'm not sure what pheros are in it, because it says "phero girl-cuddle bunny" on it, and it's in a bottle without a rollerball. I ALSO discovered (and felt like the biggest idiot of all TIME) that I forgot to shake BOTH BI and SSfW before using them recently, so...yeah. Face palm on THAT one. I have a halloween party coming up saturday that I would love to turn a few heads during, so I'm teetering between BI and SSfW. What is MRF? Also, what's the down side of getting them in your hair?
  6. Hmm...so something like ssfw in a spray would be a catch all for the boys? Kinda like a general netting situation? *rubs hands evily*
  7. So, I'm looking for the sexiest, smuttiest mixture of pheros a girl can get. What mixtures have turned every head and had men at your feet? I currently have a bottle of BI and a bottle of SSfW, both in oil, and on order I have samples of: Compromising Positions Sexology (the perfume w/pheros, not the unscented full bottle) Sparkle Fuchsia Phero Girl Cougar Potion Closer Now, I wanted to try more, but I didn't see any of the straight unscented pheros in sample size (mega pout!) So I need a quick run down on what does it the best, fastest, and hardest. I've been reading reviews like a mad woman, but it seems some work better for one thing or another and I can never keep them straight. I am ALL about it working on ME as much as on him (or her), so that's a mega plus. Suggestions? Private mixes? Hit me!!
  8. Sounds like SERIOUS fun. You MUST keep me in mind if you decide to go anywhere in VA.
  9. HELL YES!! Get your butt up to DC. I'm a dj at one club up there, and a member to a private club in richmond. I can show you the ropes to the goth scene up here. I have looots of corsets too.
  10. I'm a brave girl. I would totally wear sexpionage in public if I was feeling naughty just to see who ACTUALLY thinks I'm hot. I mean, if I'm already wearing a corset....
  11. I can't WAIT for my order to get here. I got so many pheros!!! This one is on the top of my "to try first" list.
  12. Aww, I have BI, but I don't have sexpionage. I'm getting it in one of the blends I ordered...so guess we'll see how that mixes on me.
  13. So...in theory, mixing the two will give off "I'm the sexiest bitch in this room, I know it, and I want some action in my pants RIGHT NOW!" ? Cause....I gotta try that. *kat wants some booty. Lots of it. She doesn't want to be able to walk straight the next day*
  14. Yuppers, but I don't use it much anymore. How are you?
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