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  1. I Am LOVING the combo of Audacious and closer. I just bought full bottles of both in the spray form. I definitely like spray form. It seems to...smell more. I'm gonna try the mix out tonight at the club with a little (either) sexpionage or sexology (un) in the cleavage for any takers.
  2. oh. Well darn. Not quite what I was hoping for.
  3. I'm not seeing a review thread. I may have a swap going for this...so....any reviews? What does it do?
  4. OO, I can't wait to see if any of the pheros have a self effect on me. I really want to try wanted man now too....lol
  5. Thanks, I am definitely looking to broaden my horizons with the testing when my goodies get here. I'm now getting a bottle of sexpionage (from a trade) and I caught my order JUST in time to get the (accidental) double bottle of ssfw swapped out for sexology. I also forgot I have a bottle of the original cuddle bunny. I'm not sure what pheros are in it, because it says "phero girl-cuddle bunny" on it, and it's in a bottle without a rollerball. I ALSO discovered (and felt like the biggest idiot of all TIME) that I forgot to shake BOTH BI and SSfW before using them recently, so...yeah. Face palm
  6. Hmm...so something like ssfw in a spray would be a catch all for the boys? Kinda like a general netting situation? *rubs hands evily*
  7. So, I'm looking for the sexiest, smuttiest mixture of pheros a girl can get. What mixtures have turned every head and had men at your feet? I currently have a bottle of BI and a bottle of SSfW, both in oil, and on order I have samples of: Compromising Positions Sexology (the perfume w/pheros, not the unscented full bottle) Sparkle Fuchsia Phero Girl Cougar Potion Closer Now, I wanted to try more, but I didn't see any of the straight unscented pheros in sample size (mega pout!) So I need a quick run down on what does it the best, fastest, and hardest. I've been reading reviews like a
  8. Sounds like SERIOUS fun. You MUST keep me in mind if you decide to go anywhere in VA.
  9. HELL YES!! Get your butt up to DC. I'm a dj at one club up there, and a member to a private club in richmond. I can show you the ropes to the goth scene up here. I have looots of corsets too.
  10. I'm a brave girl. I would totally wear sexpionage in public if I was feeling naughty just to see who ACTUALLY thinks I'm hot. I mean, if I'm already wearing a corset....
  11. I can't WAIT for my order to get here. I got so many pheros!!! This one is on the top of my "to try first" list.
  12. Aww, I have BI, but I don't have sexpionage. I'm getting it in one of the blends I ordered...so guess we'll see how that mixes on me.
  13. So...in theory, mixing the two will give off "I'm the sexiest bitch in this room, I know it, and I want some action in my pants RIGHT NOW!" ? Cause....I gotta try that. *kat wants some booty. Lots of it. She doesn't want to be able to walk straight the next day*
  14. Yuppers, but I don't use it much anymore. How are you?
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