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  1. Really??? I didn't see it on the pheromone page. FOUND IT!
  2. Damn based on these reviews I'm sorry I missed this one. I'm not sure how it would smell on me, because I love phero girl and when I sniff I smell honey, but to other people I smell like baby powder.
  3. Does anyone know if DHEA just gives the wearer the butterflies and the look how beautiful I am effects or does it also effect those around us by appearing more attractive to them and giving them the excited butterflies?
  4. To get the truth serum effect would it be better to buy True Confessions or the straight beta nol? Also, how much should be used of each?
  5. There went my water all over my keyboard from reading your answer TherapyGirl! Thank you very much.
  6. Ah I've had one of those before, never thought about using scent with them, do you just put the smallest drop of the scent you want and let it dry? And how do you clean them?
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