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    Perfume oils, tarot, books, arthouse movies, ukulele, sketching, analog photography, writing.

    I'm 'Hedera' on the BPAL forum (although not very active, and I have a feeling I'm going to jump ship there and move over to LP for my smelly needs!) and the Aeclectic tarot forum.
  1. LP pink is a great choice - it's my favorite spring/summer scent.
  2. ssupytalp


    Ow, what a pity!! Your description made me laugh though, it's about the opposite of what it smells like on me.
  3. I know exactly what you mean! It's February and pretty cold so no bees in sight yet - I've been wearing it a lot lately (layering it with other scents usually) but I think I will take it out of rotation for a bit during the summer months.
  4. D'oh, of course! Thank you! Very good term for this scent, too; it's a sort of sweet, soft, languid fuck on your skin. It's luvely!
  5. Darn not being able to search three letter words... What is an 'slf' scent?
  6. This is lovely and rosey in the sample vial, but on my skin in goes a bit strong and pointy - might be a case of travel shock though, I'm going to have to try again in a little while.
  7. Whohoooo, looks like my January samples have shipped!!! We've been having lots of wind (and rain) here the last couple of weeks - hopefully they'll blow the package quickly this way!
  8. Ah, but I don't feel bitchy at all - I'd feel quite cheerful and lighthearted, and just say some bitchy things off the cuff! Tis a mystery. I haven't worn it for a few weeks now, didn't really seem appropriate for the season. I might just skip wearing it for a few more weeks, see if anything has changed after that. Altought the mean reds struck hard this year, so even if it's bitchy, any kind of cheerfulnes sounds pretty good right now....
  9. I am not a Pink Person AT ALL (I don't really get along with Occo Pink for instance... ) but this is still one of my favorite scents ever - just SO good and cheerful, and not too pink, if you know what I mean. Just get a sample vial to start with?
  10. Weird, I thought I had reviewed this - but I guess not. I bought a full bottle unsniffed based on the notes... And also because of the adorable guy on the label. (Edit: also, I was hoping for something vaguely like Aloha Pumehana, which I have only a horded trial vial of but that I absolutely adore!) I've only used some of my trial vial so far though, because it turns a bit weird on my skin; sadly, I don't get any cocoa butter or any fruits or florals. It is very difficult to describe: the scent on my skin is quite strong, not unpleasant, but not like perfume at all. There is
  11. Weird, innit? But somehow the effects are so odd (and the scent so lovely) that I can't seem to leave it alone; I've probably worn it more than any other single scent in the last few weeks.
  12. I haven't had any noticeable phero hits off this one either (I don't really get them with Bang! either; BI though tends to be a great social for me, makes me feel perky and chatty and draws people - mostly women though, alas - to me like flies. Very very talktative flies....). But I don't really mind because I love the scent so much! It's soft and sweet and sultry and seductive, but still playful at the same time - one of my all time favorites.
  13. Oh no, it was completely along the lines with how it made me feel; I felt sort of cheerfully, casually bitchy; I do have Bitchy Resting Face sometimes but these were not those times; in fact, I think I was smiling. Just, you know, smiling and coming out with bitchy things!
  14. I've had this tab open for weeks now, because I really wanted to review it, but I am completely baffled by the effect on the phero on me.... I love the scent SO much; it's soft and sweet and musky, sexy but still light and playful. It really feels like a 'me' scent! But - the phero seems to make me bitchy? Not a heavy-handed snarly sort of bitchy, but an almost light, offhand kind of bitchy. And, oddly enough, people seem to take it in that way too. It has me completely puzzled; it seems so opposite to the intent! And it makes it difficult for me to wear the perfume. I mean, in
  15. It's very sweet and pink and girly - and in the drydown it seems to get even sweeter on me! Not sure if this will work on me, maybe if I layer it with a dry kind of scent... It's nice, but just very overwhelmingly sweet!
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