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    Perfume oils, tarot, books, arthouse movies, ukulele, sketching, analog photography, writing.

    I'm 'Hedera' on the BPAL forum (although not very active, and I have a feeling I'm going to jump ship there and move over to LP for my smelly needs!) and the Aeclectic tarot forum.
  1. This is very nice and sweet and warm; it is light, but has great staying power. After about 15 or 20 minutes it becomes all maple on me - which I don't really mind because I love maple. I think it will be lovely and cozy to wear in early autumn!
  2. I am such a phero lightweight, I tend to use very tiny amounts... If I wanted to slather Cougar I might have to get it in UN, since none of the scents so far are ones I can slather. Hmmm, I don't think this was one of the samples I got during Pheromas, drat. Will keep it in mind, thanks! It's lovely! Aja has become my go-to sweeten-upper for stuff.
  3. Yay, finally a scent with Cougar that works for me! It starts out a little too green perhaps, which made me wary; rather sharp and floral. But fortunately, after only a few minutes, the earth note comes out to play and it nicely grounds the whole scent; the green aspect mellows out a little bit and I'm left with something that is lovely and fresh and invigorating. Kind of sparkly,very clean smelling; still green, but not as sharp anymore. If I want to sweeten it up a tad, I sometimes add a small touch of Aja, which makes it slightly more exotic somehow. Haven't really noticed
  4. Oh wow, gorgeous, beautiful, and SO intrigueing!!! I'm curious about the notes too of course, but I'm seeing a handful that I'm going to get regardless of which notes they have. Might have to try and pop out a firstborn to sell first though....
  5. LP pink is a great choice - it's my favorite spring/summer scent.
  6. ssupytalp


    Ow, what a pity!! Your description made me laugh though, it's about the opposite of what it smells like on me.
  7. I know exactly what you mean! It's February and pretty cold so no bees in sight yet - I've been wearing it a lot lately (layering it with other scents usually) but I think I will take it out of rotation for a bit during the summer months.
  8. This is extremely light on me; lovely, but very very light. It's like fresh tea with just the merest hint of something sweet; a single cherry blossom, perhaps. I really like it, but I had to use about half the sample vial to actually smell it - and I'm not normally a slatherer, rather the opposite. I made sure to put some on the collar of my shirt and the edge of my bra as well and while almost unperceptible, the smell did linger throughout the day, giving me tiny subtle whiffs of it every now and again. The phero worked fantastically though! It made me and everyone I came into c
  9. D'oh, of course! Thank you! Very good term for this scent, too; it's a sort of sweet, soft, languid fuck on your skin. It's luvely!
  10. Darn not being able to search three letter words... What is an 'slf' scent?
  11. This is lovely and rosey in the sample vial, but on my skin in goes a bit strong and pointy - might be a case of travel shock though, I'm going to have to try again in a little while.
  12. Whohoooo, looks like my January samples have shipped!!! We've been having lots of wind (and rain) here the last couple of weeks - hopefully they'll blow the package quickly this way!
  13. OT, but Ferret I love your ferret avatar so! Sleeping ferrets are just the cutest (and, unlike awake ones, rarely get up to mischief... ;-) That's the trouble with three letter names like Aja, the search engine doesn't take them.
  14. Ah, but I don't feel bitchy at all - I'd feel quite cheerful and lighthearted, and just say some bitchy things off the cuff! Tis a mystery. I haven't worn it for a few weeks now, didn't really seem appropriate for the season. I might just skip wearing it for a few more weeks, see if anything has changed after that. Altought the mean reds struck hard this year, so even if it's bitchy, any kind of cheerfulnes sounds pretty good right now....
  15. Oh wow, the stories and descriptions are terrific!!! Too many lovely ones - sampler ordered. I hope the apple doesn't take over Punxsutawney Immortality Elixir, apple can be iffy on my skin....
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