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  1. Hell idk. I’m sure he knows about them...😂im just thinking of ways to get him ‘engaged’ outside of xboxland... I’ve never really followed TWD (But I don’t know shit about Game of Thrones either... so don’t put your “TV Trivia for $400” Jeopardy bet on me) I’d be willing to sit through them and have it all ‘splained.
  2. Eastwood22 Im glad you posted this. My youngest son is a WD fan (ok peeps we’re talking 21 here, not 10🙄) I think this is a great idea to get him off the xbox! Here’s my contribution:
  3. Why do these labels scream crystal grids to me?? They are mesmerizing. 🤩
  4. F L Y I N G. P O T I O N. Odalesque. Soul Cakes. ima goner. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  5. This is a really sexy scent - I’m not a Honey Aficionado like so many on the forum, but to me this is so much more complex than I imagined a “Creamed Honey” would be. Wet I definitely get the “Eggnog-y” warm spice (probably the amber that Luna mentioned) but it smooths out rather quickly. I don’t think I would boost this with anything but leave it to layer with an occasion appropriate UN. I layered it with LFN for a dinner with GF and not only did she think I smelled divine, I came out of the ladies room and a man told me my perfume was amazing... he was at the bar with friends when I first walked by and WAITED for me to emerge from the restroom hallway to tell me. Said he’d love to get it for his GF 🙄🤷‍♀️ But it was a nice scent ‘hit’ nonetheless!
  6. I’m amazed that there is any of this left... I have had six bottles. SIX BOTTLES. It still goes on bright and fresh then mellows into the softest patch (I’m not a patch peep) with creamy tart poundcake. ❤️
  7. @Evethank you for saying that - means a lot more than you probably realize. If it makes you feel any better, I AMP patch big time. And when I started wearing LPO I’d second guess myself, but it always mellowed on me into something I just adore - like a familiar scent memory that I can’t quite remember. It’s not my “go to” scent every day, but it is a forever love (you really can’t be a signature scent gal AND a LPMP lover simultaneously because Mara creates too much to love)
  8. After a looonng forum absence (but still a huge LP devotee and constant user) I was trying to figure out where to jump back in on the reviews. I know I’ve written on LPO before but here I am nearly 6 years later STILL never without a bottle of it on my vanity. I have my latest spray boosted with LFM and I ALWAYS get noticed and told how great my perfume is. LPO holds lots of scent memories for me so it will always be my “safe place” - both comforting and empowering. If you are new at all to LPMP, you need to experience the one that started it all♥️
  9. I love how the little carts magically fly through the air when you hit the ADD button!!
  10. Somehow I got to it (being up unintentionally at 6am) but not thru this link.. I was just typing in LPMP. When it popped up i thought “Whoa I must have somehow wandered back into the “original” labyrinth“ because it looked so different and the “love” was L O V E not “luv”. Looks awesome.
  11. Whew. I kept thinking I have to be in the wrong thread & missing it. This is always a ton of work for you Mara. Thank you❤️
  12. I think you’ll be really happy with Kingmaker - it’s in my top 3 of the men’s LPs. Classic.
  13. Thanks PM. I'm almost out of my Lace spray so that sounds like a plan.
  14. I'd like a bottle of Victoria's Masked Woman, please Mara what would be good phero combos with this? Not necessarily in your face sexy (like BI, Bang or Sexpionage - you know I'm not back 'there' yet, if ever) but intriguing nonetheless?
  15. This is one of those that I didn't like from the first smell...I looked back on my notes from the sampler and I said it was really "tart" smelling. But I think it's aged beautifully. And you never know my dear. Chances are you'll get to smell it again ?
  16. Mara does the effectiveness of certain pheros diminish with age? I don't know how that could ever be accurately tested or verified, but I'm curious. (P.S. I love how my spellcheck wants me to Walk Like an Egyptian and turn pheros into pharaohs. Yes that Bangles song is screaming in my head as I type
  17. This will go down in my book of all time fav LPs. I remember how much I loved Luna's description, and The LP Echo Chernik labels are some I absolutely love to admire again and again. Halo turned me on to a body butter called Pink Lemonade Poundcake, it reminds me a lot of Fraise Citron and makes a great base for slathering and really boosted the throw and longevity. FC is bright, sweet and sexy without screaming any ONE note at me. They all blend together magically and it has aged beautifully... FC was my husband's absolute fav LP, yet he could not ID any of the notes, LOL ...but it sure was one heck of a huffable scent to him. About 2 weeks before he passed - around Valentines Day - he admitted to me that sometimes he goes into my closet and pulls out Fraise Citron and LP Original to sniff when he's missing me. So now FC has taken on a whole new level of magic for me ... And I pull out my bottles of Top Dog and Dark Desires when I miss HIM Mara's men's blends were the ONLY other scent he would ever wear besides his "true to the 80s" Polo Green!
  18. OMG you bad boy. But yes, I guess it is a selfie (or gettin there, anyway) I suppose a psych would have a great time explaining to me how I was subconsciously drawn to that photo... Did you get the bonus, much larger, stocking stuffer gift for Mrs. QG?
  19. SJM I only logged on for a minute and saw this (been out of the loop for about 5 days) LOVE your avi. Those minions obviously get around. Those must be the "interns"... I chose mine for their intimidating horns (softened with the addition of Santa/Elf hats) I'm so glad the LP decision maker has a wicked sense of humor (and limitless levity to boot). I REALLY wanted to hang glass balls and candy canes from their horn-age but I just didn't have the time to keep on "tweakin" the stuff. In this case though, less is more and certainly befits Le Wiz's name for the fragrance.
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