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  1. Hell idk. I’m sure he knows about them...😂im just thinking of ways to get him ‘engaged’ outside of xboxland... I’ve never really followed TWD (But I don’t know shit about Game of Thrones either... so don’t put your “TV Trivia for $400” Jeopardy bet on me) I’d be willing to sit through them and have it all ‘splained.
  2. Eastwood22 Im glad you posted this. My youngest son is a WD fan (ok peeps we’re talking 21 here, not 10🙄) I think this is a great idea to get him off the xbox! Here’s my contribution:
  3. Why do these labels scream crystal grids to me?? They are mesmerizing. 🤩
  4. F L Y I N G. P O T I O N. Odalesque. Soul Cakes. ima goner. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  5. This is a really sexy scent - I’m not a Honey Aficionado like so many on the forum, but to me this is so much more complex than I imagined a “Creamed Honey” would be. Wet I definitely get the “Eggnog-y” warm spice (probably the amber that Luna mentioned) but it smooths out rather quickly. I don’t think I would boost this with anything but leave it to layer with an occasion appropriate UN. I layered it with LFN for a dinner with GF and not only did she think I smelled divine, I came out of the ladies room and a man told me my perfume was amazing... he was at the bar with friends when I first walked by and WAITED for me to emerge from the restroom hallway to tell me. Said he’d love to get it for his GF 🙄🤷‍♀️ But it was a nice scent ‘hit’ nonetheless!
  6. I’m amazed that there is any of this left... I have had six bottles. SIX BOTTLES. It still goes on bright and fresh then mellows into the softest patch (I’m not a patch peep) with creamy tart poundcake. ❤️
  7. @Evethank you for saying that - means a lot more than you probably realize. If it makes you feel any better, I AMP patch big time. And when I started wearing LPO I’d second guess myself, but it always mellowed on me into something I just adore - like a familiar scent memory that I can’t quite remember. It’s not my “go to” scent every day, but it is a forever love (you really can’t be a signature scent gal AND a LPMP lover simultaneously because Mara creates too much to love)
  8. After a looonng forum absence (but still a huge LP devotee and constant user) I was trying to figure out where to jump back in on the reviews. I know I’ve written on LPO before but here I am nearly 6 years later STILL never without a bottle of it on my vanity. I have my latest spray boosted with LFM and I ALWAYS get noticed and told how great my perfume is. LPO holds lots of scent memories for me so it will always be my “safe place” - both comforting and empowering. If you are new at all to LPMP, you need to experience the one that started it all♥️
  9. I love how the little carts magically fly through the air when you hit the ADD button!!
  10. Somehow I got to it (being up unintentionally at 6am) but not thru this link.. I was just typing in LPMP. When it popped up i thought “Whoa I must have somehow wandered back into the “original” labyrinth“ because it looked so different and the “love” was L O V E not “luv”. Looks awesome.
  11. Whew. I kept thinking I have to be in the wrong thread & missing it. This is always a ton of work for you Mara. Thank you❤️
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