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  1. I did a random grab of samples this morning, otherwise I would never have worn Goat/ with cops on a day I was seeing clients. After it was on and already smelling like the headiest most enticing baked goods ever, I then took a look. Oh well. Cops are very well covered and I adored the early scent. Now, about 10 hours later I can only detect the ginger. I would reapply if I had it with me. It does show it's important to try all the samples before making judgments. It's definitely on my FB consideration list once my budget is replenished.
  2. Misty

    Moon Sugar Candy

    Okay, I hogged the remaining supply on Artfire, so perhaps it's unkind to go on about it. I was uncertain of it when I first received the sample. It was delicious, but so simple. As time went on, I kept using it, but only at home, because I was not certain of how it would be received. The first time I wore it out, people turned around to see what smelled so good. Can't do better than that. I'm one of those people that it was almost all maple on. But sooo good.
  3. Misty

    Totem: Tiger

    Being born in the year of the Tiger, I had to try this one first. As befits a tiger, it was a little scary at first as all the notes confused my nose although the bouquet was exciting. By half an hour in it had started to settle and it is indescribable, but I'll try. I can;t decide if its the apricot or the coffee or maybe the background of cedar and cypress, but this one settles down to confident lady. It's sweet, soft and intriguing. The tiger has amazing staying power. I wore it yesterday and woke up this morning and still smelled delicious. I
  4. Rocket fuel looked like just my thing when I read it, then the first time I tried the trial vial it didn't agree with me. Fortunately, I tried it again, because it is heaven. Just the right amount of maple and vanilla without smelling like a waffle and SS4W is a great social for me.
  5. Love the tiger. Can't wait to find out how that's expressed in scent.
  6. For some reason I saved Vivid Violet for last and I like it best out of the crayon box. My first impression is that it really smells violet. I'm still letting it develop on my skin, but have already sent off for a bull bottle because having experienced it, I can't imagine the rest of my life without it. The earlier comment of a violet cloud sounds right, delicate and insistent. On me the grape seems to come out later and it's a pretty delicious grape that takes me back to the Concord grapevines growing by the house in my childhood.
  7. True, it depends on the guy. I think of it as buying the guy a drink without having to getting him to the bar. It helps him loosen up, but won't change his feelings. I don't think I use enough TMI or Gotcha to bomb anyone, but who knows. I'll have to research further. I'd go light in any case in an office situation. I have found professionally that TMI plus LFM bring me a lot of repeat business. I'm very quiet naturally, though, so the B-nol helps me speak more freely without spilling too much. For a naturally talkative person, it might be too much,
  8. If he likes you TMI scented with Gotcha seems to bring it out. Light on the Gotcha in the office, because it has some cops, but the sweetness of the caramel in TMI softens it and possibly gets him talking.
  9. I had to try this after reading the Dole Whip comments. It is a really fun scent. I keep putting in on just to enjoy it for myself. I'm not too much for smelling like a pineapple in public, but it just makes me happy. I may even be tempted into a full bottle for my own entertainment. I'm also thinking about what else I could boost with Levitation.
  10. Misty


    Nola starts off very soft and pleasantly warm with my chemistry. I didn't know what to expect of the smoke note and I'm not sure if I don't detect it or if it is contributing to the warm feeling. On me it's sweet and makes me think of honey swirled in tea. It was a lovely surprise.
  11. Has anyone had the experience of using DHEAS to curb junk food cravings? I just tried it yesterday and found my energy was high and I didn't even want foods with sugar. I think I usually use sugar to boost my energy throughout the day. This would be much better if it keeps working.
  12. As someone new to perfume, due to a lifetime of chemical sensitivity, I can't comment with the sophistication of the other posts, but this smells so pretty! I can see wearing it just to feel cheerful. I had to have a bottle as soon as I smelled it. And thank you so much for making perfumes that I can wear without all those chemicals!
  13. I just got the sample yesterday and it is gorgeous. Despite promises to cut back I immediately had to order a whole bottle. It's a beautiful evening scent, definitely not office. It feels complex, exotic and sexy.
  14. It turned the usually reserved object of my affection into a giggling schoolboy who calls me without prompting. I'm hooked.
  15. Still obsessively checking. I have become hooked and no longer understand how I lived without pheros. I'm guessing that placing four orders over 12 days was a bit much, but it's just newbie excitement.
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