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  1. Could I please reserve a bottle of Dari Gold and one of Dari's Rocket Powder, also?
  2. This one is just exactly what it's name suggests: a pale floral that dries down to a soft tea scent. A lovely, light, skin scent - perfect for spring.
  3. Unfortunately, papaya tends to take over the scents that it's in when I try them, and this one is no exception. Mostly papaya, and canned papaya at that. Oh well, better for the bank balance, I guess!
  4. Yummy but light, this for me is an excellent sheer summer foodie. The coconut is to the fore in the first hour or so. Not a heavy or bombastic coconut but light and creamy. It gradually softens down to a lightly spicy graham cracker crust smell that makes the loveliest edible skin scent.
  5. I didn't care much for this one when it first arrived, but I tried it randomly yesterday, and I'm so glad I did. It's ethereal and feminine, but not too sweet. I was surprised because most of the scents with wisteria that I've tried have turned almost cloyingly sweet on my skin in the first half hour. This however, remains a light and elegant aquatic scent right to the end.
  6. On my skin this is another "made-you-sniff" scent, similar in effect to Anthea. When I'm wearing Glass Slipper, I frequently catch a whiff of sweet, juicy, strawberry, but when I dive in to smell my wrist the scent retreats, like a debutante coyly retiring behind her fluttering fan: "Strawberry? Why I'm sure I don't know what you mean! My skin always smells like the softest, lightest mix of peony, vanilla and musk." A soft, ethereal skin-scent with a little bit of strawberry throw, just to reel you in.
  7. When I first tried this last year, I was disappointed that my skin seemed to eat it. It was a faint peach scent for about half an hour and then nothing. I put it aside until just recently, and I'm glad I tried it again! Now, it's a fresh peachy-maple scent with plenty of longevity, although not much throw. I think the oakmoss is what's giving it a silky-fuzzy vibe for me. Like a plush blanket or the insanely soft spot right behind a puppy's ears. Such a feel-good scent!
  8. The Baroness


    A clean, sweet, sheer floral, reminiscent for me of a soap my mother had when I was young; a very expensive high-quality scented soap. It is very well-named conjuring up the soft-focus effect of light filtering through a filmy parasol. Summery and delicately clean.
  9. On my skin this starts out all sweet, light, orange blossom honey and musk, but inside of half an hour those have faded, and I'm left with a pink-sugar-and-spruce smell. A very unusual combination, and not one I would ever have come up with myself, but nonetheless very lovely and cheery; a sort of "Disney Princess" stroll through the North Woods.
  10. This has rapidly become one of my "desert island" scents. I ordered it without reading the description or reviews and I was expecting it to be a sort of fluffy, marshmallow Lavender Cupcake. Instead it's an almost addictive caramelized lavender. Not caramel-and-lavender on me, but a toothsome, caramelized, chewy, lavender candy. Not the least bit camphorous on my skin, and absolutely to-die-for!
  11. I'm going to have to agree with LexiJo - this scent reminds me of Avon's Sweet Honesty. That was my first perfume, so the scent-triggered memories for this are fantastic. This, to me, is a grown-up version: a clean, sweet, and innocent springtime perfume. I haven't seen any noticeable hits with it yet, but honestly this is so gorgeous I'll wear it even if I never get a response from the phero.
  12. What exquisite labels! Now I'm simply dying to see the notes. ALL of them look amazing, and I can't wait to try GOTBM, especially since someone said Dragonfly was similar to the original GOTBM and I love Dragonfly.
  13. The Baroness


    When I first applied this, it was straight-up green tea but within half an hour I could smell what I believe is the lotus, blending in a sort of shimmery, aloof scent, exactly reminiscent of a dragonfly's wings.
  14. Beach/tropical scents aren't "me" usually, but this really is a lovely one. So sweet and summery and beautifully blended. "Luscious" is the adjective that springs to mind. It's a real mood lifter on a gray winter's day.
  15. I wasn't sure how well I'd like this, since peach can sometimes turn into straight up fruity gummy bears on my skin, but it works! Maybe it's the fact that it's sour peach that saves it, but this is the most gorgeous peaches and cream scent. I think Missdarlyncherie described it best when she said it's a "dressy" peach scent. Flirty - but not giggly - and it always makes me smile. I'm also thrilled that even in winter this oil has plenty of throw and longevity, and when it settles after about 4 or 5 hours, it turns into the yummiest vanilla pudding scent hugging my skin.
  16. As others have mentioned, the lemongrass in this is Right Up Front, - cheerful, clean, and assertive. After a few hours it mellows and the tea rose comes through, along with what I'm assuming is the black tea. Very clean and a little soapy, it's the kind of scent that I find goes well with the first week of January and all those New Year's resolutions.
  17. At first I simply get a very yummy, fresh-split coconut with this, but after about an hour, the cactus flower begins to peek through as well. Sweet and lush and edible, this is clearly a marvelous choice for those who love beachy scents.
  18. I wasn't sure whether this one would work for me, since sometimes chocolate can turn into tootsie roll on my skin, but this didn't. Actually the edible rose feel of it reminds me quite a bit of Rose of Shrewsbury. The chocolate is rather cocoa powdery, elegant and not too sweet or chewy; it melds just beautifully with the rose. I didn't really detect the amber or musk, but then, I also forgot to shake it before applying. I'll have to try it again and see if it changes at all.
  19. The Baroness


    I dabbed this on and thought: "Hmmm, haven't I smelled this before? Isn't 221B very similar?" So I pulled out my sample of 221B and to me they are very similar, but when I checked they don't seem to have even one note listed in common! So I'm confused, but I stand by my initial feeling. For me, Hauntings is very similar to 221B: well-blended and sophisticated, although not as overwhelmingly chic. Maybe 221B's shyer, sweeter little sister. An elegant, ethereal fall scent, I love it!
  20. The Baroness


    On me this is a really, really sophisticated scent. It's the scent for a woman who is cool, chic, and confident. A woman who is sophisticated and comfortable with her sophistication. I can't put my finger on any one note that appeals to me, but it is extremely well-blended. Honestly though, it might be a little too strong and sophisticated for me, I think I prefer Hauntings, which on me is like a softer, slightly spicier version of this perfume.
  21. To me this starts out with what my untrained nose interprets as almost a citrus, but quickly morphs into a smooth creamy scent with a berry tang. I close my eyes and picture a cut-glass bowl of sweet whipped cream, studded with glistening berries like jewels.
  22. Thanks Luna, what a relief! When I looked around and couldn't find where she said it, I was afraid I might have been hallucinating again!
  23. I think I read somewhere on the forums that the phero trial vials are available through December. Is that the case? Or simply wishful thinking on my part?
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