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  1. So I wore this a few different times and didn't really notice the effects of Balm Bomb. I was half asleep this morning and slathered a bit more on than usual . I also put a drop in my hair, which I haven't done before. I think I ended up kind of nuking myself and my coworkers. I felt relaxed but I felt a little bit ditzy too. I think I will be saving this phero for before bed or on my days off. The smell is enchanting tho. I really adore the vanilla and lavender notes.
  2. Yeah, I think I will probably full bottle it unscented and mix it with something yummy like LP white or Pink. I'm trying my best to put off full bottling as long as possible since I wanna experiment with all of the pheros. LFN is certainly on the top of my list tho.
  3. I only have a tiny sample of fairy floss. Maybe I will give that a whirl.
  4. Tyty! I intend to only use it for evil =3 Yeah. I'm using "Totem: Bat" atm, but I have a weird thing about black licorice, it tends to remind be of burning plastic. I think all of my life the disappointment of thinking you are eating regular delicious red licorice only to be tricked and instead be eating nasty black jelly has made me hate black licorice smell. Edit: I guess the note is just "licorice root" but it smells like black licorice to me.
  5. HOLY CRAP!! So I've decided that people who spend all of their money on drugs or excessive alcohol are idiots. They could be buying bottles La Femme Noire and feeling really really insanely good. It's so weird. LFM did nothing for me (as far as I know), but I just slather a bit of this baby on and suddenly I feel super fucking sexy and amazing.Blood is pumping to ALL the right places. Plus a really handsome guy with a cute haircut said hi to me and grinned sheepishly when I passed him in the hallway. WTF, that doesn't happen to me. From here on I will mentally start calling this "Sexy in a
  6. This isn't a smell that I would usually think to purchase if I were in a shop. However, I really wanted to try out LFM so I got a sample of it. The staying power of the oil is amazing, I put it on at about 7 AM and it's now close to 4 PM and I can still get a trace of the smell. My nose isn't super sensitive or able to pick up scents, sometimes I think that it might not be a scent is amping, but that my nose just finally realized what the note actually was, lol. According to my observations, it seems like I get more of a citrus/coconut vibe when I first put it on my skin. As it burns off throu
  7. Haha! Thanks! I kind of feel like a mad scientist. I'm glad I read a lot of the forums before I ordered. I was more inclined to some evil thoughts about wearing BI in public before I read some of the posts Dolly wrote. Now I am mostly focusing on social pheros.
  8. I just placed an order today. I'm hoping this can tide me over for a month. I'm still trying out various sample sizes trying to decide what to get in full bottle. This order I got: 1. Money Multiplier 2. Beautiful Dreamer 3. Totem Panda 4.Totem Bat 5. Star Power 6. Dom Noire (not expecting it to suit me, but I thought it might be fun to workout with) 7. Punxetawney Immortality elixir
  9. I was very pleasantly surprised by LP Pink! My initial thought process when I got it was that I wouldn't like it because it's too "girly." I also tend to try to avoid foodie smelling perfumes because they make me hungry and want cookies, lol. The heaviest notes I tend to pick up are the apricot and sugar. However, I feel like the perfume is grounded by the more complex "incensey" smells like patchouli and verbena. I think it's a meaphor for the appeal of the perfume, which is you appear cute and girly at first glance but there is something more intriguing underneath. I still want cookies, but
  10. Funny story Eggers! XD That poor guy and his phero sensitivity. For this particular dude, I get the impression that nurturing vibes turn him on. He's talked about how a lot of his exes are school teachers.
  11. Thanks for the info guys! I think I'm going to limit it wearing LFM at work for now. It's a shame tho since I really love the selfies from H&S.
  12. Sooo..it might have possibly been a mistake to wear this. I had a day off so I volunteered at an event, and casually hung out with my friend/coworker (who is my supervisor at work). I have a naturally bubbly personality which can be mistaken as flirty, but I tried really hard to be appropriate. Anyways, I got a text message from this person at night. They randomly asked what my room number was (I live in dorm style housing), and then proceeded to invite themselves over. I was totally freaked out and ended up telling them that I was too tired for visitors. I'm traditional, but being a single fe
  13. Haha, well they say "the odds are good but the goods are odd." I basically live in a major ski bum area, so all of the guys are ski bums who have smoked so much weed they have effictively lobotomized themselves. Super boring! Thaks for sharing your experiences. I'm excited to try out red. I can't wait to smell some of the complex things that are going on with it. I ordered it because it is something very different than what I usually would wear, but I'm in a phase of my life where I am trying new things, lol.
  14. Great idea, thank you! Lol, she's kind of an ideal female rolemodel in the work place. She's soft and feminine, but gives off a "don't fuck with me or I will destory you" vibe. We have a good work relationship, so I don't wanna pherobomb her and threathen her dominance lol.
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