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  1. You're right Beccah, that was the first date I had been on since May! And it was the first time I met him face to face & I was really comfortable w/him, it doesn't hurt that he's cute & funny & charming. Thanks for all the encouragement ladies!
  2. The date was great, we talked for 6 hours straight! We have a dinner & movie date for Friday & we're also going to hang out & talk Saturday afternoon. So luna, dear, do you still recommend I wear Garland & Lace for the second date?
  3. Thanks ladies! I was leaning towards H&S & luna I meant I won't be wearing any of my heavy cops blends, like OCCO, Sexology or Beth's Blushing Milkmaid, at least not yet.
  4. In about 4 1/2 hrs I have a first date, it's a semi-blind date, we've seen each others pictures, have talked on the phone & through e-mail, but this will our first meeting. What pheros should I wear? I'm not going to wear any of my cops blends so I have: Ail's Heart & Soul Garland & Lace LAM BAM Cuddle Bunny La Vie De Boehem Femme Suggestions?
  5. First of all...OMG!!!! I can't wait to try these! Liz, I would love to split some PE's w/you, send me an e-mail & we'll sort out the details.
  6. I know they're busy, but I really want to see the descriptions for these.
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