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  1. More Sexology!?! I can't wait, my one bottle is not enough!
  2. oh luna I'm sorry to hear this doesn't work for you, it's insanely yummy on me.
  3. It's great to have you back sweetie!!! :kiss_sun:
  4. Aren't they adorable?! I love your new lolcat avi so I decided to get one too!
  5. I never got to try Halloween Moon, but it sounds awesome!
  6. BBM has become one of my all time favorites!!! On me it smells like the cream filling of a twinkie, absolutely edible & the cops are only noticable for about 5 mins., I don't even notice them after that, but guys definitely do! The last time I wore this I had two older male friends of mine practically falling over themselves to do things for me. That's why I have 2 bottles of it & I may to have to order more!
  7. I put my other scent on a different piece of skin & I usually use two 3-4 inches swipes of LAM.
  8. That doesn't surprise me since those are the two LP's she has gone through by the gallon!
  9. I'll add my vote for Sexology, it is fantastic!
  10. You'll love it, the scent is amazing & the SS4W is just icing on the cake!
  11. So true! I can still faintly smell it in the crook of my elbow & I put it on at 8pm last night.
  12. I LOVE Rocket Fuel!!! I wore it last night w/Spicy Brown Sugar LAM & everyone flocked to me like bees to honey.
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