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  1. I'm not blessed with lots of patience......ánd I'm a curious girl......you do the math. I'm ready for the NRs!!
  2. There are no Jubilee reviews yet, are there? I'm tempted to at least try a sample of it, but I don't do chocolate....the rest of the notes sound really good though..... I'll definitely have some Sneaky Clean! And I need a bottle of UN phero.....probably either Lumina or La Femme Mystère....hard to decide.
  3. Finally made another order.....hope I didn't forget anything (kinda feels like it).. Just the bottle of Rosie's Wedding Cake and a couple of samples : Sogni Incantati, Heart's Ease, Red Lace and OCCO SLF...... *yay* for new perfs to test!
  4. I love you!! (and yes, I will keep a close watch on the site.....I want neeeeed 2 back up bottles )
  5. So.....which one of you lovely ladies bought up *all* of the T.M.I.??? I wanted some..... *leSigh*
  6. I....don't.....know........(being on a budget kind of sucks, but then again.....having some money in my vacation would be nice too.....*leSigh*) So I'm thinking bottle of T.M.I. and Perfect Match.......maybe some samples......but which ones?
  7. Ah....here 't is.......I was looking for the begging thread.... So ehm....any chance of the Captivation Equation making a comeback?? I loves it so and am about to run out......this makes me sad. please?
  8. Aaaaaaah! See I knew I liked the scent of this (dries down to a creamy, foody vanilla for me), but I haven't had a proper test-subject in a while, So I couldn't report about the effectiveness of the pheros, but I think they work pretty well! I had a wickedly sexy boy over this weekend (26y...I'm 35) and while he initially was going to stay for the evening/night (he lives in Belgium, I'm in the Netherlands...it's a 2.5 hour drive), he stayed the entire weekend.... I got totally ravished! This stuff is awesome! (and while I'd like to think there has to be a strong attraction to be
  9. It's been ages since my last order, but I couldn't resist some of these! So I've order just now: bottles of Sparkle Fuchsia and Sexpionage and samples of Thrill of the Chase, Dolce far Niente, Compromising Positions and Sparkle Fuchsia (for in my purse and to refill) I can't wait for these to get here!!
  10. I need more CE I can't help it.....it's my latest goto/feelgood scent and the adorably cute co-worker responds so well to it....... So that's in my cart, along with a few Spell Oil samples...... (and I'll keep an eye out for Shelly's trading post.....divorce budgets suck and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it yet, although I kinda wish I did, because that would mean I'm outta the house!)
  11. I did it. I ordered another custom sugared......pink sugar based with sweet vanilla, aloe and aquatics.......a spring/summer version of the sweet pink LP's...... I hope it turns out okay.....I'm really into smelling either 'pinkish' or honey/amber/sandalwoody.....and I needed something fresh for summer! Ofcourse I ordered Leather beta and Captivation Equation bottles and a couple samples too.
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