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  1. I am SOOO with you, Tyvey!! OCCO pink has gotten me, um some serious business in the past couple of weeks! If I werent suffering through my second bout of strep throat in two weeks, Id be out all lathered in it! I get verbal 'mmmmmmmm's whenever tg smells it...which he purposely does behind my ear every single time i see him. This stuff is PURE Magic...Im not kidding ladies...TG actually admitted to not washing his shirt and sleeping in it all week because it smelled like me...go figure! he is NOT a romantic by any means, but this stuff does the trick. Seriously, he will grab my wrist within t
  2. Hi Ladies! I just got my first bottle of LAM today....and naughty girl is wearing this one to the office to check out work husband's responses... again, I feel evil and bad, but not sooo bad Ill keep you all posted!
  3. YES - OCCO PINK....MY NEW BEST FRIEND!! I wore this over a bit of Naughty but Nice so it was the predominant smell (plus I always have aq spritz of a-nol on, addicted...) - first, its gorgeous, and second, you girls are absolutely right about the raging assload of cops!! I wore it mostly to get the attention of my work husband at an after work event, and I can report on that later - the reaction was probably there but tempered as we were out with lots of work people still... The main thing, and Ive been waiting to report in but was in bed sick all weekend was reaction with a guy I
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