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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone but this guy just doesn't seem to be worth it. Breaks my heart but.....
  2. Yummy

    Ambrosial Summer

    I just got mine today, from the sale and laced with cops...THANK YOU Mara!!! Im in love with it....it reminds me of how you smell after a day at the beach on an awesome summer day...I get coconut and orange maybe, or some fruit...and it's creamy...like creamy suntan lotion that smells soooo good. This ones a keeper!!! I can't stop smelling my arm, I might have to make out with it.
  3. Lol no scandal...was just kidding around with qg. He's not a child, or a jerk, that I know of! I got my LFM today, with cops...and no one to waste it on! I was supposed to go to a show with d...b.. Tonight but I couldn't help myself..I texted last fri about it and got no response. Or the day after...or the day after..and so on. So I am taking a guy friend, wearing my new $50000 Paige denim jeans that make me look two sizes smaller and LFM topped with cougar just bc I love the smell so much...I will be a veritable cops fairy, so if he's there, I should have little problem attracting other guys and making him feel horrible. Or at least attracting other guys. It's one of his favorite bands so I'm not sure if he'll show up or not...if he does, he's quite the ahole and not worth me anyway! Hmmmmm maybe that's all my Pheros talking, I just sampled them all on my arm! I smell delicious!!!
  4. Ok...I give UP! I'm not wasting one drop of LP anything on this child!! He. Is. An. A$$. That is all.
  5. So here's a question if you didnt know cops were involved, would you consider the spring-to effect to be due to the person, or to vaginal proximity!?
  6. QG, I'm not sure I believe you! Or maybe it's that women are more prompted to reach out when they think like that than men? I dunno...you all just drive me crazy!!! Yeah.....no, I didn't know you were on here! I'm busted!!!
  7. Thanks Beccah...see? I don't know what I'm talking about. I think you do need a bit more if you're older and your natural secretions are waning, though? Is that true?! I'm not sure I see anything wrong with walking around with the need to f##k like a rabbit, but hey, that's just me!! Jk!
  8. Hi Maiea...I'm not a pro, but I think I've read somewhere that you need to use more?? Anyone correct me, Im not sure! MIssdarlyn, I just ordered LFM! If it doesn't come before I see him again, I'll use My LAM pink, he's smelled it on me before so maybe that will help! That would be AWESOME! Pheros to hypnotize guys when you're not even around!! Damn, wish I could send them over the phone!!! Lol
  9. That's it. Next time I'm over I'm rubbing my LAM underneath his pillowcase to make him think of me more often. Actually, would that work!?
  10. Well, unfortunately I'm more of a fwb at the moment so I can't expect much, and I certainly can't text him a lot or hell think I'm clingy/needy. But I'm thinking about him ALL the time. His kisses, everything! Do you think guys think back to awesome make out sessions from a few days ago or is it just like a cheeseburger for them? And if they did, wouldn't they just text HEY? I'd take anything, even something Neanderthal like Me Hungry!!
  11. Ha!! I hope high tesosterone is also correlated with not texting very much...it's been three days and I'm dying, but refuse to text him until I get one. He's just started back to school with a million young hot girls, I'm sure...even though he says theyre not for him...so I'll be using plenty of Cougar and hope that's chock full of cops! If I ever seeeeeeee him, send some good energy my way!!
  12. Thanks Beccah! I'm kind of a noob with measurements and things...how differently should I apply the LP scented Pheros as compared to a bottle of EoW? Whats the concentration, I guess? I'm also forty so I guess I shouldn't be shy about it so long as I don't smell like a$$! Ok I have to say... I was just surfing the web and came across an article that stated endogenous testosterone was positively correlated with penis size. If this is true, then hells yeah...he's high in testosterone!!
  13. I can't imagine a guy could be turned off by being too horny! I guess I'm wondering if there's a point of diminished returns. And now I can't stop thinking of him being too horny and I'm feeling weak in the knees!!!! Thanks Calii! Lol
  14. Heres a question...I'm sorry if it's a repeat of one, but I've searched through the boards and was unable to come up with anything. Does anyone know if there is any difference in cops' effect on guys who are naturally high in testosterone? If there even is such a thing? My target guy was Army, loveS guns and shooting, has a harley is just super GUYish and also has a really low voice...so I'm guessing that he might be. Would he need more or less cops than average? Or are there any blends that might work especially well? Last week I used some LAM pink during a visit last week and honestly within four minutes of my arrival and within two minutes of me sitting on the sofa with him (maybe even less than a minute), not even touching, he was absolutely ginormous, if you know what I mean. Granted, fooling around was likely on his agenda but I'd like to think it was me and LAM that sped things up. What do you girls think? Could he be more easily affected? Was he just horny to begin with? He IS a guy, after all... ( I know the answer to that) should I be careful of wearing too much!? Any advice will help because I do NOT want to turn him away. At all. Ever
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