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  1. I find it fascinating that we and our partners all respond differently to certain pheromones. It keeps it interesting!
  2. That's so interesting - Gotcha for "naughty." Gotcha is really innocent and flirty on me, and if it's the wrong time of the month, it can make me emotional. I like Sexology too, but that one is pretty close to OCCOs on me, but with a little more bonding. Sexpionage, on the other hand, is always a good time, lol.
  3. Lol, @Eastwood22! Sexpionage does something to me that is only to be worn at home - in the bedroom. I can't imagine walking around feeling like that outside if the house! I would get myself into a lot of trouble.
  4. Kayla

    Soul Cakes

    This is yummy goodies in a bottle! I only got a trial size because maple can go really wrong on my skin, but definitely not this time. It has almost a buttersotch smell to it and is really light on the spices. This is a perfect fall/winter perfume.
  5. I'd love a rebrew of Juicy Lucy this summer, with Bang or Cougar plus virgin bottles, instead of Sexpionage. I adore the perfume, but can't walk around in public with it on.
  6. Delicious! This is just perfect! It is really interesting how different this is if it's wafting up to my nose or if I put my nose close to the application points. When I am further away, I get more of the sweet lavender vanilla, but when I put my nose closer, it's more of a spicy pumpkin. I agree with jlisa that there's an earthy quality to it.
  7. I am in love with this one! I was initially a little worried about the raspberry note, but it doesn't take over the perfume, and I can only smell it strongly upon the initial application. After about 10 minutes it blends in nicely with the apple and vanilla LP base. I am going to wear it with OCCO White or BBM later tonight too see how it smells with some more vanilla - like ice cream on warm apples hopefully.
  8. This is really interesting on me. I shook it really well, per Mara's direction before applying. I think that I must amp pepper because I smell like a very peppery blueberry right now, lol. I have had it on for about an hour and the pepper is still really intense on me. I will be trying it again in a few days to see how it changes.
  9. I wore this earlier today and it is pure sugary, yummy roasted treats! For some reason, maybe the smoke note, it started out smelling like roasted peanuts. It's a beautiful foodie scent that dries down into a soft marshmallow, vanilla with a slight tinge of smoke. I didn't get any chocolate or spices, which I thought was strange. I will test it again another day and see if they appear.
  10. This is really a beautiful perfume. I love Odalisque and I was expecting something with a similar feel. While equally as sexy, this is completely different on my skin. The Sandalwood, cocoa butter, and vanilla are the most prominent notes on me after the drydown, and there's just a hint of orange on top. It reminds be a little of Chakra: Sacral, but much more creamy and vanillaey. I am in love! 💗
  11. FBs of Odalesque, LP Candied Apple, Bare Trap, and Weenie Roast, and a trial of Blue Fyre. I'm so happy that marshmallow root is back as a note!
  12. Sounds delicious! I think that the blue raspberry with the chocolate in Gravenstein didn't work on my skin so well. It sounds lovely with the LP base.
  13. Thank you, Mara! I'm not sure if I have either of them. I'll have to sort through my trials tomorrow.
  14. I was wondering the same thing! Is it less blue raspberry than in Gravenstein?
  15. I didn't even notice that, Luna. It was early morning here when I woke to see the announcement about the Weenies. Now, I'm really excited to see the notes!
  16. ❤❤❤ The labels are gorgeous! Candied Apple LP- OMG - I am in love! Odalisque w/LFN is perfect! I can't wait to see the notes for the others. This is always my favorite collection of the year.
  17. They are the fall perfumes that come out around Halloween. 🎃
  18. I mixed 1/3 Mother Goddess, 1/3 Savage Beast, and 1/3 DPG oil in a small roller bottle and in a 1 oz. spray, and it is so soothing and smells amazing! ❤
  19. This one is absolutely beautiful! Everything is so well-balanced and blended together. It's mostly fruity/woodsy on me, with just a hint of floral, and has much more depth than I had expected. 💗
  20. Kayla

    Thatched Cottage

    This one is ALL honeysuckle and floral on me. I had a totally different perception of what it would smell like - ripe, sweet, musky blackberries with a touch of floral on top. I ordered a FB because I was certain that's how it would smell. I am going to let it age and see if I can smell any musk or blackberries. It's a really pretty perfume - just not my style. My daughter will happily wear it because she loves florals.
  21. Welcome, @Vika! It sounds like you've tried many of the phero blends and know what's working for you. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences with them.
  22. @luna65, would you say that this is unisex, or definitely more on the masculine side? It sounds like something I would like to wear, but I'm on the fence between a bottle and a sample.
  23. Mara, when you get a chance, could you please let me know how many posting credits I have. I lost track. Thank you!
  24. It's good that she had a decent first day. It's always nice to have friends/familiar faces in class with you. My kids don't start until September, but it's 2 half-days in school and the rest remote learning. Everything keeps changing, so it very well could be a full virtual start by that point. Time will tell.
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