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  1. I have used it in my hair and on my clothes with no problems.
  2. Kayla


    I've worn Juju 3 or 4 times now and I'm really loving it. It's a creamy, sweet almond honey on me with nicely blended coconut and cocoa butter underneath. It's on the lighter side and is perfect for the hot summer days we've been having.
  3. Kayla


    This is absolutely delicious! The chocolate and marshmallow notes are the strongest on me, with a bit of vanilla and just a hint of the smoke and cedar notes. It's perfect for summer because it's a really sweet, light scent, but will also be great for the fall with the smoky, woodsy notes.
  4. It's definitely a perfect summer scent that I've been wearing multiple times per week. I really love it because I'm not big on florals and this gives that perfect summer, beachy vibe without any flowery notes. It's one of my favorites along with Gogo.
  5. Kayla


    This is the perfect gourmand lavender. I have been wearing it for the past several days and am constantly huffing my wrists. It is deliciously creamy and sweet without being heavy. I agree with @Eastwood22 about the difference between this and Liebchen. Something in Liebchen didn't quite do it for me - maybe the Musk? Anyway, Gogo is absolutely perfect! ❤
  6. This is really sweet and delicious, with no cops smell, even when wet. In the beginning the banana is in the forefront, but after an hour or so, it adds to the creaminess of the coconut and vanilla. I don't detect any cinnamon at all and I usually amp it. This is a perfect summer perfume, which I intend to use during the daytime as well even though I don't usually wear cops out and about. Love it! ❤
  7. FBs of Kiki, Katje, Gogo, Ash, ad Juju, plus cops added bottles of Ash and Gogo. Basically, anything that wasn't floral, with the exception of lavender, which I love. ❤
  8. These are amazing! I love all of the coconut, vanilla, marshmallow, cocoa butter notes - right up my alley! ❤
  9. Gorgeous labels! The colors are so vibrant and I love how they showcase the LPMP family. Rubylicious is adorable!
  10. Now I'm feeling excited! 😃
  11. I would love to have a rebrew of Juicy Lucy 🍊 in the summer collection, paired with Cougar or something social, plus a virgin option. ❤
  12. Tonight was the third time trying LILU. It is still all oud and labdanum on me with just a slight hint of sweetness. It covers the sexpionage perfectly. Next time I wear it I am going to try blending it with something that has chocolate and honey so I can smell them with the resins.
  13. I finally got to put enough of this on my husband tonight to see how it smelled on him. I really love the scent, and agree that it is well blended and smooth. It is a nice soft scent and I love the vanilla and grapefruit with the oakmoss. I'm not sure if it's the fragrance, phero, or combination of the two, but it is really comforting. It's definitely my favorite of the new releases for men. I also learned that, while patchouli often smells like cat pee on me, it smells great on my husband. It must be something in my skin chemistry. This is definitely a full bottle purchase, maybe two.
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