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    Tingle Tangle

    I'm getting the cherry, and the white musk, and they combine beautifully. But I smell no chocolate, unless that's what's anchoring it and making it a little warmer and deeper. It isn't translating as chocolate for me, though.This is not what I expected from the notes, but I'm really, really liking it! (And I really, really can't afford it!)
  2. I get a sweet, soft honey from this. It's really nice and understated. I suppose I would call it a warm, fuzzy SLF!
  3. I got FBs of Land of Nog and Warm Jammies. (I almost typed in Warm James...)
  4. This may be my favorite of the sugareds so far! It's beautiful! Spicy and fragrant, just like a cup of chai. It lasts for a long time, but isn't overpowering. I really, really, like this one!! I think it would layer beautifully with any vanillas.
  5. I'll wager we all did our part!!
  6. I got my notice on Friday!! When it arrives, I want to take my time sniffing, but I also want to post reviews of Sugareds as quickly as possible!
  7. Hearts: Last order placed today, or for today? I can't stay away--because enough doesn't exist!
  8. I love matching faces to names--you are some seriously beautiful people! I am Warm Milk and Sugar (well, actually Tasha is). She passed in March, and this seemed like the perfect way to remember her.
  9. I am over the moon anticipating the sugareds! And during the sale, I get great deals on all of the bottles I didn't know I needed.
  10. I am waiting until the sale, by which time I'll probably be near hysteria--but it'll be worth it!!
  11. Got mine last night! Everything is perfection, and the PEs are amaaaazing! Thank you, Mara!
  12. Gale


    I missed this when it came out, but got a bottle on Trading Post (thanks, Chitown!). A lot of times, maple can get too strong on me, but not here. It is a delicious, warm, oatmeal scotchie from start to finish. A true bakery scent, like others have said.
  13. I would be all over a Peep cupcake! I was watching Chopped on Tuesday, and Peeps were an ingredient in the appetizer round. It was traumatic watching them being hacked by butcher knives and thrown into pans.
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