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  1. I say tell her to buy some Dominance as well Maybe I should take the same advice. I was pretty dominant when DH and I first met, and am pretty mellow now. It might be nice to be that again for a night
  2. Thanks for updating us. I got my email this morning Yay.
  3. Still no email. I'm becoming obsessive I think haha.
  4. I feel a little better that I'm not the only one....still no email. Misery loves company. HAHA
  5. Its been exactly 2 weeks today and I still haven't gotten a shipping notice. Is that normal?
  6. I didn't have a special order, so thats good news!! I'm hoping it will be here this week sometime! Or maybe early next week.
  7. Of all the dark, sexy scents, what does NSD layer best with? I've got lots of samples on the way...I wish my NSD would hurry up and arrive!!
  8. I placed an order last monday and haven't gotten a stamps email yet. I check my inbox and junk mail everyday. I'm not complaining, just anxious!!!! I can't wait to test them out!
  9. I know...too bad the champagne made me sleepy. Oh well.
  10. How do you go about ordering a bottle of Mega Cougar ? I have no idea how to do a special order.
  11. So last night I applied 7 Minutes to Midnight on both sides of my neck, cleavage area, sternal notch, and both wrists. I also applied a strip of LAM original down both forearms. I was going for more of a sweet experience instead of sexy. Hubby and I were having a night in with our 2 year old daughter for the new year. I let it all dry, then walked in the living room and sat by him on the couch. He gets up to go to the bathroom for a sec, and turns around and stops. He kept playing with me and calling me his "beautiful wife, bodacious babe, etc". He was in a good mood. He also goes on to m
  12. I just put it on, so I can't fully review it yet, but I DO know that I smell just like a big Tootsie Roll. And I like Does anyone else get that impression from this scent?
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