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  1. will this ever be done again? i wanted this one so much when i arrived at this lovely site, but alas, it was already gone. does the new s'mores one smell like this?
  2. jan

    Pleasure Valley

    this, to me, is the perfect summer fragrance. it's citrusy, but not overwhelmingly so. it's light & fresh, with amazing staying power and quite nice throw. just ordered this in spray, and hope my sample is not all gone before it arrives. loveeeee it!! : )
  3. so, is this one available somewhere? i got a sniffie of this and i REALLY like
  4. jan


    I ordered this in spray - unsniffed - just from the reviews. It doesnt smell anything like i expected - it smells BETTER. I cant pick out individual notes in fragrances - just wait for drydown. Well, this one is gorgeous. Smelled good when i sprayed it in the room - smelled good when i sprayed it on, and smells even better on, after about an hour and a half. This one is definitely a keeper
  5. How do I check the status of my order placed 1-26-2010? Still haven't received a stamps.com notice.
  6. jan


    ordered this a few weeks ago - thought i would love it because of the ingredients. couldnt stand it - it was SO SWEET- not in a good way. so it's been sitting here, ageing beautifully. it smells WONDERFUL. smell something i certainly didn't before, and it's not terribly sweet now. GEORGEOUS
  7. thanks for all the info - think i need lotsssss of happy water
  8. is it possible to get the pheromone enhanced fragrances, say happy water, in spray form?
  9. got sniffie of this with order of gemini - which i really like. it's all pepperminty-creamy at first. the peppermint receeds, but the creamy remains. finally the peppermint is all gone, but what is left is a lovely creamy fragrance which i love. would DEFINITELY buy a full bottle of this, if available. only wish the peppermint hung out throughout
  10. jan

    sorta new here

    yeahhhhh got back in. was getting so sad
  11. jan

    sorta new here

    can't access LP site - anyone else having that problem?
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