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  1. perfumesniffer

    Double O

    Can't imagine not liking anything "pink" that Mara does; I'll have to try this
  2. Yay! A LFM fragrance without oakmoss! And so delicious-looking.
  3. Fideau looks delicious! Those terriers with her in the pic are adorable.
  4. Just tried OCCO Green, it's like ka-pow! Spring has sprung, daffodils and jonquils are here and they are taking no prisoners. Very green without being watery, mossy or earthy. Scent stayed consistently strong on my skin, also blended well with a commercial sweet floral, adding a nice fresh-cut stem note.
  5. It's still there! I haven't tried it yet, either, but I'm hoping to sample with the NRs.
  6. I hope this is a little more on the rich, resiny side, I like red musk and Indian attars for those qualities.
  7. I wonder how strong the clove is in this. Spearmint, teas, honey, sweet flowers all sound good.
  8. I love honeysuckle. It just bloomed here for its brief showing. One of my favorite PEs is Holly's Sparkling Grapefruit with Honeysuckle - I think it's pink sugar, pink grapefruit and honeysuckle.
  9. I am so glad I ordered a bottle! The soft scent has broad appeal and the phero is effective.
  10. I had to check my math, so glad I got it right! TY.
  11. Hi Mara - do I need a code to redeem forum posting credits?
  12. I love this! The scent is light, slightly sweet and very comforting. A-nol usually gives me a headache and a racing heartbeat, but there must be enough b-nol in here to counteract it. I feel calm. The chamomile is lovely, it adds a very slightly green and fresh note, and blends really well with the ylang-ylang. Must buy a bottle! I haven't tried True Confessions before, it will be interesting to see what the effects are (both self and others).
  13. I wear a lot of men's and unisex scents, but this one is definitely masculine. Maybe it's the patchouli? I can detect some of the dry tobacco but very little black pepper (which is very sweet on my skin). This scent has almost no sweetness, it has a initial coolness/freshness. After an hour, it's getting obnoxious. I think it's the patchouli.
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