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  1. Just FYI I tried this and when I checked out paypal dropped the item from my cart, so I did it as a GC.
  2. perfumesniffer

    Double O

    Can't imagine not liking anything "pink" that Mara does; I'll have to try this
  3. So glad to see Alumettte is back - I love the smoky-amber-incense of the base, just can't do the phero part.
  4. Yay! A LFM fragrance without oakmoss! And so delicious-looking.
  5. This looks so good! Wish I could try it without the phero.
  6. Good luck with the move! I know how hard it is to uproot and plant somehwere new.
  7. Fideau looks delicious! Those terriers with her in the pic are adorable.
  8. Just tried OCCO Green, it's like ka-pow! Spring has sprung, daffodils and jonquils are here and they are taking no prisoners. Very green without being watery, mossy or earthy. Scent stayed consistently strong on my skin, also blended well with a commercial sweet floral, adding a nice fresh-cut stem note.
  9. It's still there! I haven't tried it yet, either, but I'm hoping to sample with the NRs.
  10. Lavender is one of my favorite notes, but can't do oakmoss. Beautiful label.
  11. perfumesniffer


    This reminds me of fruit-flavored candy and macaroons and other desserts from childhood.
  12. The blend of notes looks incredible, but I can't use PP (too much a-nol). Teak, chocolate & vetiver look like a great base for the flowers.
  13. Mango, cocoa and ginger are calling my name! Were cocoa and ginger in the first incarnation?
  14. I hope this is a little more on the rich, resiny side, I like red musk and Indian attars for those qualities.
  15. perfumesniffer

    Sea Lily

    This looks like a tropical vacation - flowers, fruit, salt, vanilla - excited to try it!
  16. I wonder how strong the clove is in this. Spearmint, teas, honey, sweet flowers all sound good.
  17. I'm late to the party, but wow! I love the lemurs on Ilori, and I like katrifray, too. Sea Lily, Summer Dance and Sea Chic, can't wait to read the reviews/try them out!
  18. I love honeysuckle. It just bloomed here for its brief showing. One of my favorite PEs is Holly's Sparkling Grapefruit with Honeysuckle - I think it's pink sugar, pink grapefruit and honeysuckle.
  19. I am so glad I ordered a bottle! The soft scent has broad appeal and the phero is effective.
  20. I had to check my math, so glad I got it right! TY.
  21. This smells like a fresh combo of land and water flowers to me; I like it, but it has dried down to something very soft and quiet, it may not have enough "pow" for me.
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