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  1. Hurrah for Spell Potions! Is it still possible to ship to the UK? I thought there was some issue with posting liquids or something?
  2. Mercury Retronaught because this retrograde is kiling my butt and I always meant to get a bottle but never got round to it. Also always wanted some Come To Me - I managed to miss that one.
  3. But something else? Mind you I could imagine the smell of beer drawing some men in. May
  4. Wotcha. Have come to stalk and post in Trading forum. May
  5. I think I really have to add Happy Ending to my want list. In the meantime I need to send someone out to kidnap a money fairy for me. May
  6. I think super-duper strength TC has to be my next purchase. I've been promising it to myself for ages I used to use a mix of x2 IH with x2 IO from the other place and boy did I find out everything that went on. Must get some. It's one of those things you need to have in your stash for when you really need it. If you know what I mean. May
  7. Stupid question time again. Sorry but where can you find the PEs listed? I can't seem to find a link. May
  8. OOh Wow! Thank you Mara and Danna and that label looks terrific! Can't wait to smell this! I'm going to be on edge waiting for the postie! In case anyone is wondering, Rose (attar/ otto type) with a soft background of chocolate and a touch of rose geranium. May
  9. I can see the images in Internet explorer but not when using Firefox - if this is any help at all! May
  10. I'm wondering this too, I know a lot of people liked the original girl/ girl I think there were self-effects too? Anyone? May
  11. Beautiful as ever! Congratulations everyone! May
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