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  1. I want Special Delivery. I turn more heads with this an Angel Men. ODG
  2. It sounds like another great one to add to my collection. ODG
  3. Ok this combo seems to work a little better. There is not much hair flipping when I'm around women. But there a lot more smiles and closing in of personal space. I'll take a break because Love Potion Homme came in this week. ODG
  4. Okay. I'll try 2 parts Mark's Girl nip and 1 part SS4M. I'll try it for a couple of days and I'll report back. ODG
  5. You are welcome. And thank you again Mara!!!!! ODG
  6. I'm glad that you got positive results with this combo. I've tried 1 ml of each in a roll on applicator and didn't see a thing. I'll give it another try. ODG
  7. I've got my order in. I can't wait to try this. ODG
  8. Okay. How about one for the guys? Mark's Pepperwood. ODG
  9. Thank you. All this time I've been missing this on my orders. Pay day is coming soon. ODG
  10. Hi Mara. Just an idea. Would you consider those who want to pay more for USPS Priority for orders $50 or more? I got kind of spoiled paying for a little faster shipping from various e-vendors. ODG
  11. Hi ElizabethOSP. I did some digging around and found the original post for you. Special Delivery ODG
  12. Thank you ladies for the compliments and warm welcome. I do intend to test more as my paychecks will allow. ODG
  13. I got my package and this stuff smells mmmmm good. Now here is a guy's point of view. I'm not so eloquent in describing fragrances but I'll do my best. I have it in DPG oil. The fragrance last a good 5 to 6 hours. Then I need to reapply. If I ever had a chance to work on See's Candy production line I would smell like this. The Chocolate comes out strong or as the dominant aroma followed by the cherries. It's not a candy sweet scent when it starts to dry down. I like this better than Mark's Girl Nip. I couldn't stop sniffing my forearms while at work. I would play it off by pretending to adjust my glasses or comb my hair or rub my eyes. I noticed that some of the women would pass by me 2 or 3 times. I may need to try this with SS4H. But here lies the problem; I only have one bottle. HHHMMMM what to do? ODG
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