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  1. I've been eagerly waiting for the last few days for the "reopening"...I want patience and I want it NOW! Seriously, any news on when things will be open and what new delights Mara has for us?
  2. I really like Creole Man (amongst other ones), but I would like to get one with a phermone blend in it. Is there anything similar or would I need to just have phermones added to Creole Man? If so, what one(s) would you suggest. This is a "date night" sort of thing. I have Shark Whisperer for work (and love it) and Top Dog for those days when I just need to be...well, the Top Dog. Thanks, Mark
  3. "Frat pack"? Well, fraternity brother, yes. He is a great guy and good friend and absolutely LOVES the colognes that Mara made for us. As did everyone...huge hit.
  4. Spartan, welcome aboard here...ladies, please treat him gently, he's a good friend of mine. This is the perfect place to ask what works and what doesn't. Remember, though, that pheros are not just "cologne with a plus"...they have specific effects and wonders to the animal we call humans. Ask any and everything, here. As you know, I'm still very much a newbie here, but they are good teachers.
  5. Well, I know what fragrance to wear around a certain woman that I want to captivate. Hmmm...does that mean that I have to leave buttons on my shirt unbuttoned, or I should button my shirt all the way to the top so she has more work to do... conundrums abound!
  6. You know...I think I'm getting addicted to the variety aspect of this. I got a couple of scents, and got the "bonus pack" with Creole Man in it so that I could see if I like it. I love it and a friend said it is "delicious" (whatever that means...you never can figure out what women mean sometimes!). She said that it would be good for me when I go out on dates. Now, I need to add an order of this one next time I put in an order. I think that I will soon need a cabinet just for colognes...damn you Mara!!!
  7. Heading out tonight with the bros so I just grab one of the samples at random (still experimenting). I have then separated into "date" and "social" so I grab Iconic Tonic from the social bag. About 15 minutes later, I feel almost manic and to of the world...18 again? Wow! I think that is what people mean when they say phero-bombed. Great effect for a night our with the guys.
  8. OK...let's start out by saying that I'm still (and will be for a while) a newbie in all of this. I do have one question, that is a stirring around in my head. I know that some pheromones do work on yourself as well as others...some are designed to be uplifting or mood enhancers. That is their design, and I get that. I have seen several posts by people who are wanting to ramp up the other person's desire for them. Would that also work on you to ramp up your desire for the person that you are with, or is it like tickling yourself - since you know it's coming, the head knowledge cancels out the effects? This is purely speculative on my part...not because of anything that has happened, but just out of curiosity...I guess it started out with me thinking that if a guy is wearing it, then he'd be hot for any woman that passed by...but then again, some say that guys are like that all the time, anyway
  9. Man...she stops by and STILL won't even drop a hint as to what is coming out. Silently stalking....
  10. Gotta get my stalk in before the stuff goes on-line...wait - that didn't sounds right...you know what I mean! I'm a newbie, you have to forgive me...lol...
  11. Such a wicked mind you have. And, here I am thinking that V-Day will be all sweet and romantic. Personally, I think we should just all give in and send Mara our credit cards and tell her how much is left on them so she can max them out for us with all of the delicious scents she has concocted. That would save me the agony of figuring out which ones I want...
  12. Hmmm...now where can I find a willing wench...I mean lady...to test out the scents that I try. Lol...the work ones are easy. It is the "play" ones that need an objective person. One of my best friends is a lady...I'm sure that she will be brutally honest with me. She always is. Thanks.
  13. Sounds like something I would like...I think this or "Maniac" (ok...not being made any more, but it does sound interesting) would be a good "night on the town" scent and "Intellectual Man" for sitting down for coffee or just talking and relaxing. I think it is wonderful the amount of scents so that we can truly make it "our" scent.
  14. He typically wears "earthy" scents. We keep in touch via the internet these days, since he lives in Colorado. I don't know if that has changed much. He didn't wear cologne that much when we hung out together...just "special occassions" (like when he was trying to impress a woman) and the like. I figure that since he is just starting to date again (after a very nasty divorce), he could use something to make him feel a bit special. I figure that since it is his birthday coming up that I could help him get started again.
  15. Thanks...I just don't know how much is too much sometimes, and I know it is a bit different from commercial colognes that I have used before...Au de Quinine was a past favorite (from another manufacturer), if nothing else for it's name...lol...those wore off way too quickly and I had to use more than I really liked to get a scent to last more than a few hours.
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