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  1. Hey everyone! I know pheros should not be used during pregnancy, but what about non-phero LP's? I've read that some ingredients/oils might not be safe to use on skin while pregnant, but is there a definitive list? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi Mara, are there any Orb D scent lockets left?
  3. Similar to what halo said, I wasn't too into the notes while wet. After dry down and mellowing a bit, my skin smelled like the creamiest dessert vanilla. I may have mentioned my fear of the butter/cream note before, due to it turning to hot dog on me, but thankfully that didn't happen.
  4. Mara, the scrubs are beautiful! These will make perfect holiday gifts if I don't hoard them all for myself
  5. PILLOW STUFFING! HONEYED LP!!! OMG Mara thank you!!!!!!!!!
  6. I love to drench myself in BBM and become a sexy embodiment of milk & cookies. It's a dessert no one can resist!!!
  7. EEEE!!! I am thinking a sampler just won't due, a few bottles may be in order. My last OCCO Ambrosia sample is almost done (2012) so that's the one I know for sure. And anything cotton candy is a no brainer.
  8. This distinctly reminds me of Juicy Juice. Very sweet with a slight tartness to it. I paired it with Magnet and it was an awesome duo!!
  9. Fairy samples arrived!!! I love the bag and all the scents, thank you for everything you do for us!!!
  10. WOW got my shipping notice for my sampler. Can't wait to try all the fairy cakes!!!!
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