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  1. I've decided I need a full bottle set of the new OCCOs and I'm going to pick up a sample set for a friend as a surprise who I know will love them! And I want to get a mystery box but I don't know what kind??? Help! I'm torn between shiney things or sweet things - which should I get??? 😲
  2. I've decided I need a full bottle set of the new OCCOs and I'm going to pick up a sample set for a friend as a surprise who I know will love them! And I want to get a mystery box but I don't know what kind??? I'm torn between shiney things or sweet things 🤣
  3. So as not to waste your EoW, you could always dab a little OCCO with it to help hide any stank Then just switch to OCCOs or other cop'd scents when you finally use it up ^_~ EoW can be a bear!
  4. I can see 7 of these I will be needing. I just told a work friend - we had to work overtime recently and it's very rare - surely there must be something heading my way that will require money or else this wouldn't have happened...little did I know how true those words would be 🤣
  5. I'm going to be so broke. I can see already I NEED most of these...
  6. Took advantage of the sale! Had a hiccup with payment though but LP sent me an invoice and now my goodies are on the way! I got a backup of that Bonflower - Oh my! So love! Un LFM in oil And another Baby Boo, that one is SOOOO yummy. I have been doing really good curbing my purchases (read, spending) but the sale was just too tempting after my recent purchases. Plus I've been doing well using my stash and getting it down to make room for more I cannot imagine life without BI ❤️
  7. Truly a win/win for me! The first time I wore it around Mr Right he raved about how nice it is and followed me around 🤣
  8. Hahaha! Ok. So I will still have to hoard my SS4W, but I can be more forging with my Rocket Fuel. Hmmmm, the idea of RF with BI? Oh my! What a deliciously naughty combination ❤️
  9. I look forward to reading what you think and hope that you are pleasantly surprised! ❤️
  10. For me, it's wearing as a hint of some sweetness in the dry down. It's not marshmallow on me, more of a sweet cream nuance, very light, barely there. It may be intended to trick your mind into thinking marshmallow, (with the smokey, bonfire idea) but marshmallow is not what I smell.
  11. After recieving the sample of L'Ete du Fleurs, I went back for 2 bottles of the spray. This is GORGEOUS and will probably be my summer go to 💜
  12. This is not what I was expecting at all. It's WAY, WAAAAAAY better! This is the perfect summer scent! It's light, (as in shiny, happy), watery, floral and airy. Oh my, I should've gotten the bottle and not the sample of this one! I don't think it's the PP talking either 😄 I hate to order right after ordering, but I know I need a bottle of this in spray. It's going to be this summer's go to! ETA Yeah. I had to go back to the store and order this in the spray. This is going to be my summer grab n go. *Bows in gratitude to Potion Mistress Marie for he
  13. Force du Poivre is playing a wonderfully clean, herbal on me. I don't care for most "green" fragrances and this is nothing like a green scent so, Yay! (Don't worry all, it never claimed to be green!) It's supposed to be unisex and I see why. I can see this for business/work, something of a pressed shirt vibe in here on initial application, clean linen...minus the overly clean, soapy aspect that some florals can create. I was drawn to the pepper when I purchased because black pepper, while super yummy to me, fades quickly in everything I've tried 😔 but I had to know. While it is an unde
  14. This is as I hoped, bought FB unsniffed, because - well - Bonflower?! I was compelled... Mmm, amyris? Such a unique addition. It is rich and creamy and smoky, slightly sweetened floral deliciousness! It really is amazingly all of those, a decadent conception! On me, it's earthy, woody, soft and floral with a touch of sweetness...and I'm a big sucker for smoky notes. This is wonderful! Blind buy totally justified 😍
  15. What a delicious new collection! FBs of Bonflower Force Du Poivre Samples of Blossom Almondine Enivront L'Ete du Fleurs I keep telling myself to get samples before bottles, but really, I'm quite hopeless I mean Bonflower WITH LFM!?! How could I say no to that? How? Really?! And I think I drooled...just a little...reading Force du Poivre...
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