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  1. NuTrix


    This is STILL so comforting and delicious. Others either love or hate it, lol. I think the beeswax and honey throw them off and there are a lot of associations with baby powder. If you love powdery fragrances then this honey, sweet floral delight will enrapture you. If talc and baby powder makes you think of diapers, then maybe not so much? Not so for me though! For me this is still all dripping sweet, powdery floral goodness, a decadently syrupy, ever so slightly sticky honeyed, sexy deliciousness...❤️
  2. NuTrix


    And a back up bottle as well!
  3. NuTrix

    Black Aggie

    Oh my Yes! I'll be rolling around in this like catnip 😆
  4. NuTrix

    Platelet Punch

    Ooooo, ok, thank you! I was wondering if it was a "green" note? Green notes often come across as clean to me, even if I couldn't identify it singly.
  5. NuTrix

    Platelet Punch

    This one really surprised me. The vanilla and cocoa are giving this a creaminess, but the boldest notes are coming across more floral on my skin rather than fruity. A sweet, floral/fruity, creamy scent. With the current, raspberry and strawberry I thought this would be sweet berries, but it's more of tart - not sour - floral/clean on me. Not sure where the red clover is. I haven't smelled such a note before, so I likely am just not recognizing it. Once it settles down, and melts into the skin, it becomes light, creamy, sweet and slightly floral. Very pretty!
  6. NuTrix

    Black Aggie

    Mmmmmm! This jumps out all fermented, fruity, sweet alcohols on me. I mean syrupy sweet, and I LOVE it. Then inncomes the creamy, oaty goodness floating over spices. It doesn't lose the sweetness in the dry down and I love the creamy feel it has. I am such a sucker for those oat and oatmeal notes. @luna65 oatmeal stout you say? Adding to my list of ingredient loves...
  7. This one got the thumbs up from Mr Right, lol. I'm a sucker for smoke notes but, WOW, the sugary, marshmallow, pumpkin spicy deliciousness...Mmmm....I can't always tell with LP phero'd fragrances if the glorious emotions that follow from huffing a scent like this is the fragrance or the pheromones or both I will be slathering this for sure *swoons in delight*
  8. @androstenol @Anonymous2F androstenol is onto something! I loved Aja for its loooooong dry down, which I used to wait HOURS patiently for. One of the rare fragrances I "bothered" spending my money on if I didn't love it start to finish. But the amazing part always lasted well into the next DAY and even longer on clothing. The beautiful, sweet honey delight always came after long hours of something a bit dirtier and somewhat sour. That's gone from my bottle now. It has always layered beautifully, but now I want to enjoy it straight out of the bottle all by itself!
  9. Just reopened this beautifully aged bottle of Aja I have and Oh. My. WOW. Basking in its loveliness this afternoon ❤️
  10. After Christmas self gift, FBs of: Weenie Roast Black Aggie Platelet Punch ❤️
  11. NuTrix

    Black Aggie

    @bliss3 You got me with that stout comment! Shucks...a bottle just fell into my cart.... Really though, you all make this sound right up my alley and I'm splurging on myself with a Christmas order ❤️
  12. NuTrix

    Soul Cakes

    I'm so out oft he loop here! This sounds amazing! There's another must have here on the list of smelly good things too ❤️
  13. NuTrix


    I still have this too and soooooooooooo yum! It does last...I wonder if that's part of why it's called Sticky?
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