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Wax Melts-Water Blossom

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This is the only link to a description I could find:


* WATER BLOSSOM (F) ~ Water Lily and Lotus Blossoms, with just a hint of berry infused Tea.



Are these phero'd? I have no idea. I got them off of the Etsy shop.


Anyway, I had them sitting by my computer and I would catch a whiff once in awhile even without them being melted, and it was dreamy. I decided to put one on my warmer tonight, and OH MY GOD. It smells soooo nice in here! I love it. The scent is fresh and sweet and refreshing, like the air after a spring rain. Which is funny because there were others about "after the rain" or "spring rain" (I think I have Spring Rain actually, but I haven't tried those yet), but I think this one fits the bill. It reminds me of home in the mountains. If they are still available, I will definitely be buying this scent again. I would love for my house to smell like this all the time.

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I don't think Water Blossom is phero'ed Lainey but I agree it smells great that clean fresh rain scent, I get a lil fresh laundry vibe also. Rose you might like the Irish Coffee w levitation, I'm burning that now nice throw and delicious. Can't give an acurate review I'm a lil stuffy so it's coming off like fresh baked choc chip cookies lol.

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