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  1. LOL, I'm trying it again and I forgot what I posted in February, but I still get cedar. Cedar and warm bananas. Like opening an old cedar chest and finding fresh but sun-warmed bananas in it.
  2. Hello, I'm here to look up the ingredients in Tyvey's Pleasure Island, because I have been enamored with it all day, but I saw this. I've seen this charity: https://www.raicestexas.org/ mentioned as a good option for donations, because it actually is all supposed to go to help the families at the border. I don't know how accurate what I heard is, but I thought I'd share.
  3. My nose has classified this as "masculine," so I don't think it's for me, as much as I tend to love masculine scents for myself. This one goes beyond that. So I will probably give it to my husband and see if he likes it.
  4. I don't know what to say about this one. The notes sound great to me except the "decayed" woods. I want to say it's too...something. Too sweet? Too intense? Too masculine? And yet...I keep putting it on. I was surprised to find today that my trial vial is almost gone! So clearly on some level I love it, and I can't stop huffing my wrists. I keep getting a whiff of something delectable and realizing that it's me! So yeah. This is an odd one.
  5. This is the one I was most curious about! I’m not sure it turned out to be my favourite, though. Although I’m not quite finished making my way through them all yet. I do like it, but it turned a little “dusty” on me after awhile. I will definitely enjoy my trial while I have it. I may have to accept that “creamy” scents are ultimately not for me. I want them to be, but they never quite work out the way I’d hoped.
  6. I always think of peppermint and eucalyptus as activating, not relaxing...but I'm wearing this tonight so I guess I'll see how it goes. I actually came here because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to wear it or just put it on my pillow, or what. Wearing it works for me though. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ETA: I'm back to say I really enjoyed it! It was relaxing, somehow, even with the peppermint and eucalyptus! I think it has earned a place in my special "sleep scent" organizer that lives in the drawer beside my bed.
  7. I like this; it's kind of different. I tend to automatically assume anything "purple" has lavender in it, so I guess the wisteria came as a bit of a (happy) surprise! And the smoke gives it a sort of "edge" that appeals to me, and it didn't make me feel sick like the smoke note in Lava Rain. At least...not until the smoke from the forest fires up north turned the streets of Calgary all smokey. Because...that happened yesterday. Which is when I was wearing this. I could have done without the extra smoke in the air! So I like this, I'm just not sure how much I like it. I hate saying this because it seems like I said it in every. single. old. review, but I'm probably going to have to try this one again at some point to narrow it down. Now I shall endeavour to not leave it so long that it gets sold out in the meantime...
  8. This is the most inoffensive scent I have ever smelled in my life. I can't imagine anyone thinking anything of it other than, "oh, that's pleasant," if they notice it at all. It's very faint on me. It's nice, though. It's like the "discreet packaging" of the scent world. It's kind of hard to believe oleanders are poisonous with how mild it is! Now I want to smell the actual flower. Did anyone else read (or watch the movie) "White Oleander?"
  9. I knoooow but I already have so many! And I'm testing out all my new ones (which are the Pherotine ones, not the latest summer releases), and I like sooo many of them so far!
  10. @Eastwood22, I DON'T know who! Who? Now I'm curious, lol. I love the scent of the fig in this one, it reminds me of Figgy Fairy Cake. But....what is that occasional whiff of "maybe-cat-pee?" Is that the patchouli? Overall I like this one, but I don't think I'd get a full bottle just because of that "cat pee" aspect. It's a shame, though. I want a do-over without patch. Can I please has the thing? PS--Is the Teddy BB Potion the reason I've felt sleepy all day? Or is that just because I didn't get enough sleep? lol
  11. I don't wanna like this! It has spearmint and eucalyptus--yuck! How is that relaxing? But I wore it last night and...it's just so comforting. SOOO comforting! I'm still not sure about the scent itself, like if I'd wear it out for the day (probably not since Balm Bomb puts me straight to sleep!), but I do have to admit this makes a mighty fine bedtime scent. I can kind of get the "high end shaving soap" thing if I close my eyes and squint. This...how to describe it...it both does and doesn't smell masculine to me. It's like, I recognize the scent as being sort of masculine-ish. It's definitely not feminine. I guess you could say I'd consider it unisex, but not in the way I normally think of unisex. Basically it smells like a mood, and that mood is comforting. If a man was wearing this, I'd probably be more likely to trust him.
  12. Wow! This one packs a wallop! My first impression of it was that it was really strong, lol! I really like it a lot...but to me, it's all fruit. It's the fruitiest of fruits. If there was an ancestral fruit from whence all other fruits came, it would smell and taste like this. If there was a fruit kingdom, this would be its Queen (yes, capitalized and everything. And I said Queen instead of King because it's very feminine to me. Although if I was royalty, I'd make everyone call me King instead of Queen even though I'm female because fuck you, that's why--I'm the mf'ing monarch! Anyone complains? Off with their heads!). (I talk a mighty imperial game for someone whose ancestors on all sides were, as far as I can tell, peasants all the way down.) Anyway... After it dries down completely, I maybe get a bit of floral. Maybe. I mean I guess I do. But it's much more fruit-forward. Now let's talk about the type of fruit. Peach. I cannot BELIEVE that the only fruit in this thing is peach. To me, it smells like a medley of every different kind of fruit you can imagine, and several that you can't. Every fruit that exists in this dimension, with a few thrown in from all the others. The Holy Grail of fruit punches, as it were. And it doesn't turn plasticky on me! Peach usually does. So my point is, I really love it. I'd buy a bottle if I could and didn't have 500 million various bottles already. Flipping peasant ancestors. I might, though. If it's still around when I have money. I mean if you like fruit scents, you HAVE to have this.
  13. This started out a beautiful, creamy delight on me. It also has an "edge" to it that appeals to me, which I interpret as the nuts. So anyway, that was last night when I wore it. I also love the smell in the vial, and so did my Mom when she was up here visiting me last week. This is important. So this morning, I asked my husband to smell it in the vial. He doesn't like it. *sigh* I wore it to bed last night and he didn't complain, though, so I dunno what's up with that. Now I don't know if I was influenced by his reaction or not, but at some points today, it just smelled like dusty coconut on me, and now I feel insecure about potentially buying a full bottle. But at other points, it smelled creamy and pretty. I'm so confused. Clearly I need to think about this more.
  14. Okay, I might have to get a bottle of Crema Delizia. It’s everything that I wish BBM was on me ( but in that one I just amp the spices to high heaven). But I need help figuring something out. I like BAM, but I would really like a scent boosted with MLH, and I feel like this might be perfect. So should I get a virgin bottle and request a boost with MLH? And would that change the scent? Or should I just get the regular one that comes with BAM?
  15. Oh, this is a beauty! Mara told me it was the closest scent to the Mermaids of Multnomah shampoo bar, which I love. In fact I love it so much than when my mom visited me this past week and threw it out (why!?!?!? She said she thought it was "old soap." Which still does not explain to my satisfaction why she threw it out!), I may have made her go through the trash and retrieve it. Luckily we did retrieve it, and no worse for wear after a rinse. ANYWAY, I do see the similarity in these two scents, although they are of course a bit different. On me, this is quite faint--I had to apply it twice to actually get a scent out of it, but then it stayed pretty well. I noticed that it was still there when I woke up early this morning, but it had almost a metallic edge? I'm not sure why that was. Part of me wants a full bottle but I already have SO. MANY. PERFUMES. And I'm trying to save money. I don't know. Maybe I will hope desperately that I can snag it during the sale this summer.
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