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Super Sexy vs copulins?

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Does Super Sexy have the same general effect as copulins? Or how different are they? I need to hear some comparison stories and input to work out for myself if I want to get Sneaky Clean or OCCO Blue.

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Totally different.

You should really check out the "reading room" in the Perfumerie. You can get all the "official" LP info on cops and pheros, what they are and so on. Also check out Dolly's Journal and the "pheros for newbies" thread there. Also, the fourm review threads for SS4W and Occos and the EOW thread. But, basically...

SS4W is a phero blend, generally classified as a social/sexy blend. it's not an aggressively strong sex blend but definitely a sexy vibrant blend for most users. You have to test it out yourself to know for sure how well it works for you, everyone's mileage can vary.

Occos are scented Copulins (or "cops"). Cops are a complex blend of acids (vinegars) developed by a doctor to mimic the vaginal secretions of reproductively healthy young women. They have been proven to raise the testosterone level in men. They are considered a direct "ready for sex" signal. Cops are a more overtly sexual siginal by comparison.

So, it would really depend on your specific goal. As I said check out the available reading to make your best choice.

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Darbla, definitely different, I would say get both.....Super Sexy is Sexy without being overtly SEXUAL. OCCO Blue is when you want to put out the serious sex signal.


Super Sexy is really appropriate for any type of environment, including the office. OCCO not so much. You would possibly get more general use from Super Sexy, but OCCO will help get you laid.

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I agree that having both gets you the best of both worlds. if you're sticking to a budget you could do Trials of both (or Molls idea is good too), or there's Bang, which is SS4W with Est & cops added.

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