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Which Un to wear to a party?

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I have been invited to a reunion type party with meetings and the like. I often feel a little nervous during these events. Last time I was feeling so awkward I left early. I want to have a good time but more importantly I want the other people to have a good time and remember this event fondly. 

So which Un to wear???


Treasured Hearts, Levitation, Heart & Soul, or Charisma 4 women.???


Each have very good descriptions of what I am hoping for…. Cozyness, friendship, feeling good, fondness, liveliness, happiness.

Could I wear them progressively during the day? One for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks & socializing?


plus I am trying to put together “ talking points “ to keep conversations moving forward and not have people get into any hotbed discussions.

so my list so far:  this is exhausting 



books… I haven’t read anything New… suggestions?

movies …. Suggestions? 


music?? I listen to the local pop station nothing new there

vacation destinations or dreams

fashion trends…. What are they?



any other subject suggestions?




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It sounds like from your post that you're a little uncomfortable or anxious about this upcoming party. In view of that, I'd say - screw everyone else, wear something that will make you feel good and at ease. All of these pheros are great socials - which phero makes you feel how you want to feel at the party? Pick that one.  If you feel good, you'll have a better time, and other people will feel good too. 


You can always wear something for you on your chest or neck and something more social or lively on your wrists. If you have a few days, go ahead and experiment. But please take care of yourself as well.  💗


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@raydee8_love   I understand exactly how you feel as I often feel the same way at these types of events. @hedgehog is right that you should go with the one that makes you feel the most at ease (Maybe Balm Bomb? I'm somewhat joking, but maybe not completely). I usually fall back on my trusty Lumina as it always keeps me in more social/warm place. But Treasured Hearts or Heart & Soul are also both great choices too. Eh, they are ALL great choices.


Hope your event goes great!



On 4/1/2024 at 12:06 PM, raydee8_love said:

fashion trends…. What are they?



I'd like to know too!!! I am so out of the fashion loop these days.


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So i started out with Black Panther but i think was too much so I switched to 1200BC and Iam going with. Levitation and a little Charisma 4 Women.

 I hope that combo will be uplifting and sparkly and get people excited and talking 

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On 4/5/2024 at 6:35 PM, RosesArePink said:


Excellent choices! Have fun.

It was perfect combination lots of laughter. The next day I used Treasured Hearts for meetings and luncheon- perfect for conversations especially with people I didn’t really know. 
Next combo was Treasured Hearts and Levitation this was good for memories and easy communication.

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