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Sugared Berries

Mimosa Pour Moi

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Sugared Berries: "Sugared sweetened Blueberries, Boisenberries, Blackberries, Black Currant, and Wood Berry."


Wet: Woot! Gorgeous boisenberryes and blackberries...HInt of blueberries here 'n there. I'm not sure what wood berry supposed to smell like but over all it's a dark berry scent.


Dry: Blueberries everywhere. Boisenberries and other berries are quiet a bit but the blend becomes juicier and less sugary. More of that dusted sugar powder mingle with the berries....


Verdict: MUST HAVE A BOTTLE! I love how the dark berries are well blend here. It's sweet, soft, juicy, yet "dark" at the same time!! Perfect for this fall cripsy cold air (finally feels like autumn!)

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M&D definitely know how to do the dark berries right! This has the same kind of aura to me that I love in Blood Martini and NOX, just luscious but not too sweet; the blend doesn't go sharp or medicinal at all.

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