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Naughty In Paradise (previously known as Provocative Paradise)

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Got this in a trade (thanks Hearts!) and got to try it out fully today.

I have my right arm slathered two or three hours ago and my left arm I just slathered twenty minutes ago to compare.


There is a slight weird cops smell (or I assume it's that) that competes wth the perfume for the first ten minutes or so. I smelled a slightly chemically wet paint smell along with a very fruity perfume smell. That simmered down and now I have musk and the smell of those powdered valentine's hearts--the ones with the messages like Be Mine or You're Hot.


After drydown, this reminds me of a Tommy Bahama scent I remember liking so probably similar notes

It has a very nice throw, probably from the musk which along with the other notes reigns in the gardenia. I don't know why but floral perfumes tend to smell very strong or sharp to me. This actually smells like walking past real gardenias on a pleasantly humid day.


It smells so liquid and, well, humid for lack of a better word, it almost smells like it could be a really thick luxurious body cream which has a different way of reaching out from the skin than than perfume.


I got a little bit on my shirt, since I felt pretty comfortable applying to my chest, and smelling it now I don't get anything funky. Maybe that slight wet paint smell but only if I'm really trying to smell something off.


This is why I love trading--the ones that were kind of reaches (Glass slipper and provocative paradise) ended up being the winners and I'm still waiting to see how the others fare. But Egg '11 which I thought would be an immediate winner went plasticky on me, which is a shame but underestimating the other two makes them even more exciting for me.


I'm going to see how the manbeast likes or reacts to this and then consider putting this on the permanent acquire list.

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