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  1. yeah, sorry guys-- oil in the little pot. Sometimes I add a bit of water. I can still smell And I feel Fine 9 hours later so that's pretty cool. then I totally want to smell you. There was this hot Russian chick who I had a girl crush on who was a bit larger and so sexy-- I imagine someone a lot like her smelling like the fleshy thing that I got from this. I find it so interesting that whenever I make the least comment about a woman who has extra weight on her, that people take offense. A hot zaftig model with extra cushion is not insulting. Also, as far a
  2. Did not like this one at first and decided to try it again and wound up liking it. Have now tried it again a few more times. When first applied I get dark chocolate, a pepperiness, a bitterness like crushed coffee beans or maybe a hint of burnt coffee bitterness, something planty (likely the MJ accord) and a spikiness that seems to be both plant and peppery aspect (likely the MJ accord ) I hate the smell of MJ. In fact a friend was passing around pot brownies the other night and I picked one up to just smell it and man--that was some skunky chocolate! That cook had no clue how to treat
  3. I was not able to fully appreciate the layers in this until I took the oil and put it in my wax warmer. It was something that I could put on and get peaches or even sniff wet from the jar but it always seemed to have a flat one-dimensional aspect to it that made me grab it hardly ever--and then typically as an underarm scent/deoderant since it worked fairly well that way. Rooting around for a sample to put in my wax warmer I decided to grab a bottle that I "didn't care about" (sorry Mara) and pour that sucker all the way in (somewhere around half a bottle.) I'm trying to come up wi
  4. Chinese New Year themed perfumes? I looked up banana in relation to Chinese New Year and one site said wish for education, brilliance at work/school. I'm hoping for glitter.
  5. He knows he needs to quit smoking-- he's not ignorant of that fact and one of his biggest regrets is every starting to smoke so admitting to himself, I doubt it's me forcing him to do anything. Sadly, his willpower hasn't been strong enough even though he's said he's needed to quit many times, for medical issues both pertaining to himself and myself. He's going to be leaving town in the next couple of days so it's up to him after he leaves but I wanted to give him the best opportunity to beat his urges over the first few days when the habit of driving to the store for coke and some ciga
  6. That's the gum right? If so, he has some bad fillings that need to be taken care of so he never chews gum. He's tried patches. Maybe we'll try that again but so far making the jump to the ecig worked for about six months a year or so ago.
  7. Today is day 4 of boyfriend quitting smoking cigarettes. He's had two really bad cigars (which I bought to emphasize how much he hates smoking while denying him cigarettes even though I found out cigars have WAY more nicotine than cigarettes) and he has an ecigarette plus all the supplies. I didn't start putting Balm Bomb in my wax warmer until the second night and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner because we've been getting into several not-yelling fights, squabbles, near-smotherings, and frosty silences. I've had to hide his car keys (he's on winter break) for the past fou
  8. MissHazel


    Unseelie is great. Which leather-smell is used in this? I love the smell of leather and I can say the one is this-- very powerfully dark leather, well-oiled, and super masculine. There was almost something a little bit celery-ish about it.
  9. It is now day 3 of boyfriend trying to quit smoking cigarettes--though he has used a couple of cigars to help pave the way, but I bought him cigars that he absolutely hates. Sidenote: did you know cigars have a LOT more nicotine than cigarettes? I didn't know that. Anyway, he seems to now be mostly on his e-cigarette which is good, but it's still rough going. The first two days were really bad though. It's hard to handle someone who asks why I'm in a bad mood, when all I'm doing is trying my best to handle their heinously bad mood. Anyway, I had worked my way through some BPALs that I was
  10. mmm, I have Creole Man and also have Wanted Man in another blend. Simply yummy. Also don't forget some of the unisex options-- like Open Windows or Levitation if you're looking for easy ice-breaker plus fun date night.
  11. Huh. I only started collecting around January and I remember buying unscented spray samples either in January or February...I wonder if they were just leftovers from the earlier pheromas?
  12. I wonder if she's releasing Valentine inspired scents so that everyone can get their orders and play around with them before V-day. Didn't she do sample-sized spray UNs last January?
  13. If I wanted to amp a whole bottle of perfume with this, how many drops or ratio of the bottle should I add? Guessing it would be drops since less is more with this.
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