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  1. I was not able to fully appreciate the layers in this until I took the oil and put it in my wax warmer. It was something that I could put on and get peaches or even sniff wet from the jar but it always seemed to have a flat one-dimensional aspect to it that made me grab it hardly ever--and then typically as an underarm scent/deoderant since it worked fairly well that way. Rooting around for a sample to put in my wax warmer I decided to grab a bottle that I "didn't care about" (sorry Mara) and pour that sucker all the way in (somewhere around half a bottle.) I'm trying to come up wi
  2. Chinese New Year themed perfumes? I looked up banana in relation to Chinese New Year and one site said wish for education, brilliance at work/school. I'm hoping for glitter.
  3. It is now day 3 of boyfriend trying to quit smoking cigarettes--though he has used a couple of cigars to help pave the way, but I bought him cigars that he absolutely hates. Sidenote: did you know cigars have a LOT more nicotine than cigarettes? I didn't know that. Anyway, he seems to now be mostly on his e-cigarette which is good, but it's still rough going. The first two days were really bad though. It's hard to handle someone who asks why I'm in a bad mood, when all I'm doing is trying my best to handle their heinously bad mood. Anyway, I had worked my way through some BPALs that I was
  4. Huh. I only started collecting around January and I remember buying unscented spray samples either in January or February...I wonder if they were just leftovers from the earlier pheromas?
  5. I wonder if she's releasing Valentine inspired scents so that everyone can get their orders and play around with them before V-day. Didn't she do sample-sized spray UNs last January?
  6. If I wanted to amp a whole bottle of perfume with this, how many drops or ratio of the bottle should I add? Guessing it would be drops since less is more with this.
  7. Thanks! Will likely try again today with just a dot or two.
  8. ^that would actually be very useful to me. My boyfriend and I wondered at the ninja applications of ghosting.
  9. I put on Cuchi Head on my wrists, and then I put three drops from the little glass sample vial of La Femme Mystere I got from Pheromas onto my wrist, plus a slight tough of the dropper to my clavicle. I rubbed the three drops on my wrist to my other wrist and then rubbed on wrist on the top of my head, and one wrist to the back of my neck since I was going to be bundled up and wanted some extra diffusion. Then I took my mini strange attractors with Topper in it, and sprayed three times all over. Went out to eat. I was not putting out the vibe of "superior female queen bee." I was actual
  10. Irish eyes--I have some up for trade. It's not strong enough of a scent for me.
  11. do you have any of that stuff mara sells that's supposed to put a layer between your skin and the perfume? Otherwise try the cotton ball in the bra trick? I know how much that sucks-- I had that happen with Because The Night. if not, I would be interested in a trade and possibly a giftcard but it depends on my finances at that time if you decide to let it go.
  12. MissHazel

    Spirit Bottle

    ah, you are correct. I went back and saw it. Missed it the first time.
  13. MissHazel

    Spirit Bottle

    I went looking for the notes for Spirit Bottle and since they're not posted here (and not in archives-- I found it on the ScentBase website) I thought I'd put it here to make it easier for people to find: CALAMUS ROOT EO ~ Power and control. KATRIFAY EO ~ Fortifying, for aiding and restoring of physical strength. BERGAMOT EO ~ Relaxant, confidence builder. Uplifts emotions, protection, attracts riches. FRANKINCENSE ~ Spirituality and power, purification, consecration, protection, exorcism HONEYSUCKLE ~ Bonds of love, generosity; attracts money, prosperity, clairvoyance, healing, creat
  14. Got this for free in a trade and it's definitely strawberries! It's got a bit of that plastic smell--you know, the good kind from little children's toys. There's something in the way background I haven't quite teased out. I'm wondering if there's a light musk to bring the puppy into the theme. It reminds me a bit of Sweet Jessica except this is just strawberries and I felt Sweet Jessica came across and syrupy (until I was about to send it off to LadyV and then it decided to throw out Waffle Cone as a hail mary.) I was reading the description on Lindee's My Little Cupcake and this seems in
  15. Really? Because I tried upstairs downstairs+ coconut breeze and it was a big fat failure. But I'm glad you managed a winner Edited after reading the sweet pussycat thread: If A+B=C And B+D=C Then does A+D=C? C= win A=tickle tickle B=Sweet Pussycat D= Occo Ambrosia
  16. Now I'm wondering how coconut and lavender would work together.....hmmmm. Must try this.
  17. well if vanilla isn't giving the medicinal smell the beat down do you have something lavender or amber heavy that you could layer with it? Perhaps Upstairs Downstairs or Amber Amour? how do you think this one would layer with pumpkin since some of the pumpkin ones I know off-hand have both vanilla and lavender, e.g. Carolyn's man nip?
  18. It smelled sour and a bit like sweat for the first hour and a half or so. I can see where some got vinegar. Now about five hours in it has a powdered honey smell reminiscent of kama sutra brand's edible honey body dust. Didn't notice any difference in people around me but obviously I'll be curious to keep testing. Boyfriend responded badly to this or the small dot of femme mystere I put on (package came today) and made the whole "you smell like cat pee!" remark. *sigh* I'll see how it smells tomorrow and perhaps reapply without adding the UN to see if it's this or LFM that he was nega
  19. Currently walked out to my post box twice, and have looked out the window five times. Is that the postman I hear?!? NOPE! And now I'm back to:
  20. Thanksgiving from hell has now started. I've applied Treasured Hearts and no doubt will be praying silently often today. edit: Thanksgiving evened out after a VERY rocky start. Don't know how much treasured hearts worked-- I was with my boyfriend's extended family so they probably would have been all happy chatty anyway, but it seemed everyone had a good time. however, applying TH did not help with wanting to kill my boyfriend (not really, but definitely some smacking upside the head would have been appropriate) for an hour at the beginning due to some issues with his dad
  21. if you get a chance today, can you tell me at what point I last redeemed? thanks!
  22. MissHazel


    I know that. I'm saying it smelled just like that (though it definitely wasn't as strong and it was in the background.) Wasn't like I'd worn Gimme Money recently either. Ah well-- it's being traded to Cheeseburger so we'll see what she thinks. She said she just hopes the dragon's blood isn't too strong. I will say that I really appreciated the smoke in this-- I think that was part of the dust/autumn leaf raking thing going on. If I could just take that and transplant that into Apparition (where I get a tiny whiff of smoke and then it's gone on me, though the marshmallow sticks around) it would
  23. cougar and la femme mystere pheromas samples, and forum freebie samples of Allumette and Love Potion Original
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