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Sugared Peaches


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This smells exactly like peach juice. It's a very believable fruity note that makes you smell like peaches! Fruit perfumes aren't usually my favorite as they have tendency to morph on my skin and then smell terrible, but this one smells lovely. Very feminine and pretty. I don't get much sugar out of it, just juicy peaches.

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This is my #1 Favorite LP scent!!


My favorite dessert is firm, sliced white peaches topped with a bit of brown sugar *drool* and this is the best peach perfume I have ever smelled. My husband will not eat a peach but LOVES peach scents - he really liked this on me.

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I like peach,I tried to give this a chance and this is'nt bad but for some reason when I huff it up close it does something weird to my nose, kind stuffy. Just not quite juicy enough for my 1# peach scent, oh well...putting rest of bottle on trades...



i hear you, i could never do a scent with *just* peach.

so many other scents enhance it, make you want to huff it longer.

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