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Celrynnya's Hint of Danger


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A soft, suede-like leather, and if possible I'd like a touch of blackberry as well. This scent it supposed to be evocative of my World of Warcraft rogue; sweet honey (like female musk), the sage sharpness for her poisons, the leather for her well-worn clothes, and lips stained by stolen blackberries. Sweet, cheeky, and a hint of danger.


This intrigues me, and I love how unique it is. Blackberry is the strongest note, with the sage giving it an almost medicinal, clean and bright edge. It is sweet, but not candy-sweet; it has a nice tartness to it. The leather and honey blend together really well, and ground the scent nicely.


This is a lovely, unexpected scent! If you like berries, but don't want anything too sugary, this might be your kind of thing :10_small16:

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This is so interesting! The main impression I get is blackberry leather which...I can't even really articulate what it's like to smell that, it's something you have to experience. The sage really does temper the berry to keep it more wild and natural, not syrupy or jammy, that combo always makes me think of what would be called a spa blend. But underneath those two notes the leather and honey give it an intriguing depth which dries down to a slightly dirty warmth.


I would say a guy could wear this too because it's got a strong presence but it doesn't necessarily indicate either sex, IMO.

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I've had this for a couple years. I was intrigued by the label and get it out for fall. I wrote a review awhile ago, but never posted it. I am wearing it today. My husband smelled me and said "You smell good!" So, here it is from a couple years back:


This was my attempt to acquire another leather-like fragrance. I do not know the exact ingredients in it. The description alludes to leather, honey, sage, and blackberry. I love blackberry and sage. This is a PE and smells different, but in a good different way as in different from anything else I have ever smelled. You do get the hint of blackberry, there is sage, and there is definitely some leather. My best description is it smells like a candle, not the fragrance of a candle, but the fragrance of a lit candle flame. To me, all candles kind of smell alike when you get right up on the flame. That’s what it smells like on me to me, a hot flame. It’s so different and smells so good. My husband likes it. It dries down to some comforting LPMP note that I can’t describe. And the name is so cool. Hint of Danger is what caught my attention. Thanks Mara and Celrynnya!

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