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Work phero for my good male friend whose boss has ocd/is a jerk?

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I gave him my sample of the cat one with Swimming with Sharks in tonight so we will see how it goes, but is there anything else he could get to wear to work? He's very funny but as the kind of man who thinks about people's feelings, seems to have a tendency not to be taken seriously by people. I feel like maybe he needs to man-up his phero sig perhaps?

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Swimming with Sharks is a good one.....maybe MVP also, although I haven't had my man try this one, it s supposed to be good for that.


If he wants a purely social, happy vibe, he could try Open Windows as well......

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My uptight manager has OCD, (and is a bit of a jerk), and Open Windows works wonders on him.

Sorry Mel - I wanted to jump in here the first day I saw this, but I wanted some of the vets to jump in here first. Now that Dolly has, I can definitely second OW. ;)


ETA an edit.

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