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has anyone here combined HeartThrob with TMI or Hunter-Trapper with TMI

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I'm new to pheromones and am considering getting either HeartThrob and TMI or Hunter-Trapper amd TMI. Would these combos work ok with each other? Does anyone have any experience with these combinations?


Thanks for any input.

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Hi. :)

I moved this to the Men's Forum as I thought it would receive appropriate response there.


o/t: I take it from your username you're a superbike enthusiast? My guy has a few Ducs he loves more than me though he'd never actually admit it. ;)

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I have never done that but both heart Throb & Hunter Trapper are pretty good mixes in and of themselves. TMI is an 80-20 mix of B- and A-nols. Both of Throb and H-T already have B-nols. If you layer the TMi with one of the other two you will probably up the feeling of Trust/Friendly in either of those mixes and probably play down their masculine or sexual side. If that is what you want to do, great. But what can often happen when you layer two mixes is that you get something that is neither.


What I would really recommend doing is getting TMI and either Throb or H-T (or both!) and trying each one out by themselves. Once you get a feel for them by themselves, then you can play with layering them and finding the right proportions.


Just my thoughts.

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Speaking from a woman's perspective, I must have a wacked out brain because TMI doesn't do much for me (I don't know why-- straight a-nol doesn't seem to affect me, and b-nol just makes me go to sleep.) TMI has made my boyfriend extra cuddly (though we're very affectionate anyway.) I'm not sure if you're planning on buying the un-scented versions (typically you'll see people write TMI UN, or Open Windows UN when writing about wearing those over some scent) or a pheromone-scent, but I HIGHLY recommend Pashazade. That is some serious sexiness AND it has Heart Throb in it. But it depends on your tastes so samples are the way to go.


Oh, and look into Open Windows. I'm not sure what your exact goals are at the moment with the blends you mentioned but everything is better with Open Windows! :D

(while I know some people layer Open Windows with other pheromones I have no clue if anyone has layered with the blends you mentioned so I'm not specifically suggesting that. Merely saying OW rocks socks.)

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