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Lina's Summer Slurp


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Lina asked for: "Fresh honey, mango, cherry and honeysuckle - want a springy/summer scent that's sweet, dripping with ripe fruit and honeysuckle nectar. I want to smell good enough to eat on a hot day!" Mango and our most syrupy honeysuckle start the show, with a dash of light, bright spring honey, followed by drops of wild cherry on a based of smooth amber. This one will make your guy's mouth water and he'll want to lick you alllll over. SLURP!



Oh my Yum! This smells lickable! Mara created just what I was looking for. This starts off all honey. Not a dirty honey at all- it's almost floral and reminds me of the dry down of Sugared Honeycomb. The cherry is well behaved- no cough syrup here! This is all cherry slush and ripe mango dripping in sweet honey.

I smell edible for sure- and can't wait to wear this all summer long. I think this is perfect for being poolside or out and about.

I am so happy with my PE! The scent is perfect and I adore the label.

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I can't wait to try this,sounds so good! I got mine with cops:-) be more yummy

Ooh that's going to be good! I'm slathered in this today. Mmmm smells like honeyed, juicy fruit. I think it would cover cops well:)

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I got this because I was bummed that Leprechaun Luck didn't work on me and I figured with these notes I couldn't go wrong! And it is so very yummy! The honeysuckle and honey mingle wonderfully with the fruit and it's sweet and bright without becoming overpowering. Along with Mango Tango and Jo Anna's Tropical Getaway this is my summer fruity floral love! :D

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