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  1. Awww H&S was one of my absolute favorites. I'll miss it
  2. Ok this is on my shopping list!
  3. I need to dig out my sample. How have I not tried this yet?? It sounds amazing g.
  4. Is the musk in this more "white" like spider silk? Or more like French musk?
  5. Is the tea note spicy, like chai? Or more milky and creamy? So curious about this one? Is it very sweet? I can't picture tea-like and masculine lol!
  6. Wait what? Am I losing my mind... there hasn't been any stalking since last year?! Tell me I'm crazy.
  7. Without knowing what vibe you're going for since you don't know the guy , a good friendly social phero like Open Windows maybe? Cougar always worked as a bright, outgoing and fun phero for me, as well as SS4W.
  8. Open Windows! I used to work as a makeup artist and this worked great wearing around my young/teen clients. This phero gives off a fun, approachable vibe which would be great with the teens, but would also put my manager who could be somewhat moody in a great mood!
  9. Omgoodness! This is creamy dreamy vanilla... thick and yummy like ice cream. I NEED this one. Full bottle for sure. The last version was much more cocoa butter heavy to me... this is all vanilla buttercream made extra with cocoa butter as the background player.
  10. I want to love this, since Perfect Match is one of my favorites! I'm getting a Spider Silk vibe... a unisex version. Lots of powdered sugar and white musk. The only thing that keeps me from being head over heels is that sometimes too many of those powdery notes can give me a headache. The longer this wears, the more I like it. And so far, no headache!
  11. Freesia is usually a a note that I just can't do. BUT, this scent is making me think twice!! It's a pinky, sweet scent toned down with powdery, fluffy musk. The apricot I think is what's keeping the florals from being too overwhelming. This scent smells innocent but alluring. So far I love this! This is going on my FB list.
  12. I'm not getting much of the milk or creaminess as much as I'm smelling lemon and honey. The lemon isn't stabby or sharp, but is giving that light, sweet honey a bright feel. This scent feels very sunny and spring-like. The only scent I remember with copal is Goldie Fingers which I absolutely love. I dont think I actually can pick out that note individually, as I'm not very familiar with it. This scent has an almost hard candy type of impression with out being super sweet. Like a honey-lemon drop.
  13. I got more of a fruity-incense type of thing too. I'll make sure to shake and test again. I can't ember if I did...
  14. hearts

    Elementals: Fire

    I can't believe there isn't anise in this! I swear I smell black licorice and cinnamon. Hot spicy cinnamon! Lol LadyV! I just saw your review and you said you smell anise too. Damn scent twin!
  15. First applied this was pure earth and sugar. The longer it wears, the stem notes give a very lush and green feel to it. The scent really has a grounding effect. Its bringing me happy feels and recaptures the scent of gardening in damp earth or being out in the garden after it rains in the summer. I wouldn't wear this as a perfume.. but a quick application to smell when I'm feeling stressed would probably bring back a nice calming feeling.
  16. hearts

    Elementals: Air

    This is going inthe soapy direction for me too. Like a nice fresh soap or clean laundry type of thing. It smells cold if that makes sense. Ozone can be stabby sometimes and this one is border-line headache for me personally ... but my nose is pretty sensitive lately.For those who like clean scents, this is a must-try!
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