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  1. This potion sounds beautiful! just a silly question about the ingredients listed? The description says (A dark heart of black licorice and black musk) Does this potion have licorice in it? If so its not listed in the ingredients or it may be that it is the dark heart accord :-)
  2. ETA no mail today,so Monday..seems so far away!!
  3. Mine cleared customs..yay that was quick! Should be here soon.so excited:-)
  4. Peeping tanya? Is that me..I do read rather than post..lol:-)
  5. Ohh now I see why everybody is getting full sets without knowing what the notes are :-)
  6. I thought they were novelty perfumes..or what are they used for? Sorry I'm lost:-)
  7. Oh yes! Dying to see what's in these so I can decide what to order
  8. I hope it's today too..I'm excited to order!
  9. Wow I didn't think mesohorny was racist!! She wasn't implying it to any persons..just perfume notes..lol
  10. Will it be today? :-) I can't wait.:-) Mara your the best! I forgot that next week,my in-laws will be here staying for 3 weeks.She will be like `Ohh my god ,what did you buy now! Let me see. Agh,so instead,I'm going to have to sneek my package to my room to enjoy in private without any questions about how much it costed!
  11. I am so anxious to order..I hope its today,because I am supposed to go to Ottawa
  12. I can't hold on to money! I hope its soon because I already spent half of my lp cash,on food and other necessities . Will the labels be up soon:-) ?
  13. I just borrowed a hunk of cash for my order.I'm excited and stalking away.:-)
  14. Dreaming about NR . I had a dream that I was walking in a field and found a sealed ziplick bag in a hole in the ground! It was full of sealed bottles about 20 or more I know Katrina suit and Marsha mellow were in there because I was so happy when I saw them! (I didn't even get to try those yet or any the past 2 months yet.) I woke up and was like Awwwwwe fk! Am dying to get my lp fix
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