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  1. This potion sounds beautiful! just a silly question about the ingredients listed? The description says (A dark heart of black licorice and black musk) Does this potion have licorice in it? If so its not listed in the ingredients or it may be that it is the dark heart accord :-)
  2. Wow! I haven't been on here in months,I missed out on so much! so many goodies to order♥
  3. Oh hi Mara:-) I havn't been on the forum for a bit but just read the front page. you asked about if I reserved Stacy's lilac ..yes,I had paid for and received my bottle.It was added to my invoice from when I ordered stuff from the sale :-) ETA-I did reserve a bottle of linas summer slurp with cops but paid and received that as well.
  4. ETA no mail today,so Monday..seems so far away!!
  5. Hi nice order!..it will only get bigger in notime..lol welcome xoxo :-)
  6. Hi! Isn't it so fun the whole experience!From reading,writing down what you want,filling the cart,getting your first orders and pondering ALL the time on what to order next..lol. I remember when I first started I couldn't stop thinking about what to order and my first order was only samples but then I bought off the trades and my first bottle was ladyv's sugarkisses:-) once I had an actual lp bottle then I couldn't wait to buy more! The excitement never wears off either because there is always something to look forward to with the New Releases ..OMYgosh..OCTOBER is around the bend,fall scents!..can't wait to see what comes out!!! Well Have fun :-)
  7. Mine cleared customs..yay that was quick! Should be here soon.so excited:-)
  8. Peeping tanya? Is that me..I do read rather than post..lol:-)
  9. Ohh now I see why everybody is getting full sets without knowing what the notes are :-)
  10. I thought they were novelty perfumes..or what are they used for? Sorry I'm lost:-)
  11. Oh yes! Dying to see what's in these so I can decide what to order
  12. I hope it's today too..I'm excited to order!
  13. Just a question I was wondering about,do buying PE`s count for dollars spent for the sale?
  14. I can't believe I even got the lilac puff:! Thank-you! Can you please add it to my recent invoice?.I will let sombody else take the vanilla plum:-)
  15. If reserving and available can I get one of lilac puff or vanilla plum?
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