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Question for anyone ordering outside of America: have you ever had multiple packages sent close together that arrived a long time apart? I’m ordering from Australia and I’m starting to worry that one of my lovely packages has gotten lost in the post.

I went a bit mad and made several large orders throughout August. LP sent me 2 separate notifications on the 12th September saying 2 packages had been shipped that day. One of them turned up just a week later, but the other still hasn’t arrived a week after the first. Does this happen sometimes with international shipping? I just want to hold my preciouses…

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Yes, this has happened to me before, too. Just because the packages were shipped together doesn't mean they'll stay together. Sometimes mine go through Customs in Vancouver, and sometimes through Mississauga. I'm not sure why. I wish they always came through Mississauga, 'cause it shaves about a week off my wait time, (and let's face it, when you're waiting on new LPs, every second counts! :lol: ). So maybe it depends on which direction each of them was shipped?

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